What is Depression

Conditions of the mind flow with the emotions from the senses. Perception of both is a point of view. What you observe and connect too.  Sets the Focus into Action.  Depression is caused by not letting go of the things you dont like or align too as they surface. These are mostly wrong conclusions in Beliefs and opposite minded actions..

Depression is a repression of truth in self, that causes guilt/ shamefulness /worthlessness. Not being truthful of what you have done or experienced.  Dis-honesty about The parts you dont like about yourself inside…experiences of past and present occurrences cellular  ingrained, while not willing to accept them or feel them in Release energetically. Afraid of feelings and emotions Held inside.

Instead of accepting, in a release of these attachments, thru truth in Self HONESTY. You dont have to confess to the world your Sins… the only sin is dishonesty in Self

Honesty in Self Acceptance of the Imperfection from Duality. While knowing your are a Perfected Being in Singularity releases The Repressed State in Being.While lovingly accept it as a truth of  Imperfection in Duality… Letting go of the things you dont align with is a key in Self Actualization in Your Truth. What you are frequency specific. Honesty in Self while owning All of You.


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