The White Owl

The White Owl

images (9).jpgA Collective Consciousness of The One and The Other.


Angel’s Power Necklace

By Gary Beer
It was the love of Mother Mary, who carried me to The Center of My Soul, as my duality on this earth plane ended and brought me back home, whole as one again to fulfill the promises made to my wife.
The White Owl

This is a True Story;
The Story of a Family Crest
One of Family Name
One of Generations
One of Abductions
Of Fear and Remembrance

Lessons Of:
Controlling one’s Emotions
Expanding one’s Consciousness
Stepping Outside of the Box LITERALY

It was early May; there had been some bright and shiny days but always with a promise of showers. It is a very quiet and peaceful time of the year. It was a beautiful May in its own right, with only a few visitors’ at the resort this early in the season. The resort has an old and rustic feel to it. You can imagine the early settlers cutting ice from the lake in the winter, to keep the game and fish from spoiling during the hot days of July and August. Children would play in the lake during those hot days, as they enjoyed the short summer of North Eastern Washington.
The Owl flew to Cailen from across Spring Shores Lake.
Cailen sat by the private little dock, a gentle breeze broke the surface of the water as the reeds blew gently back and forth on the Lake. The Bass were just waking up after a long and cold winter and the Trout were aggressive and hungry as they jumped out of the water. The trees are plentiful with just enough space between them to feel secluded and alone. The resorts map did not show the campsite Cailen had chosen in the location it should have been. Therefore, in some respect he was hiding or just hidden. The only ones that would have even noticed Cailen during his stay would have been the other campers, except Cailen was the only one. Two cabin rentals were the only other visitors at the time. Cailen thought that this would be an appropriate place to sort out a very puzzling time of his life. A puzzle he had played with for as long as he could remember. However, Cailen was just now realizing it.
Cailen lives in a small community outside of Seattle. He rarely ventured very far away from his home, especially not alone, but this week was different. When his comrades were unable to join him on this trip, Cailen decided that he would go on this journey, by himself. He convinced himself that maybe this was what he needed to put his life into perspective. Maybe to try to understand what it is that has been influencing his dreams and fears, a journey into to his mind, his heart and soul.
He traveled the distance from his hometown to a nice little place called Spring Shores. It took at least half the day to get there; it is not an easy drive with the rush and beat of the big cities. The Resort is nestled in the mountains, not far from the Pacific Northwest Trail on the southern Canadian border. Fresh crisp air blows over the mountains, sky and lake to transform the guests into a healthier and happier state of being. The Fishing and hunting is as good as any. The lakes and mountains transition to desert going west toward the town of Tonasket. Half way there, driving from Spring Shores brings you to Hanging Rock. This is the point where Altitude and barometric pressure creates what I deem as the decent to hell. The temperature and the density of the air changes, as you round the corner of Hanging Rock. It is as if, you pass through a curtain between two different spaces. It reminds me of when I enter my doors, to connect with the things that most do not see, as I am pushed to “get to work”.
The area is abundant with wildlife. Rarely, a cougar will run through the campsites, during the hot days of summer or the coldest of the winter days. Then there is the occasional bear, looking for an easy meal. It is the beginning of the season for the local residents working at Spring Shores. The people that work there are as diversified as one could imagine in such a small community. In general, ideas and thoughts of the world are not the same for the population that tends to levitate to the outermost reaches of what I consider, the only sanity that there is in the United States. The only natural state of living today is in nature. You have the homesteader’s that have lived there a hundred years or more and all the others that try to mimic them. You still have a large population of people who just want the government and family to leave them alone. Many are the lost souls whose path has been scattered. This is even true for me. I cook dinners a good portion of the nights there in the restaurant. In my case, as part of the diversification, which I bring, I do not blend much and I definitely do not mimic others. The man, who works on my days off, recently married the woman who had the desire to run the Lake Resort business out of the federally owned land just 3 years prior. The cabins, restaurant and few basic out buildings are all that comprise it. Just in the last few weeks before Mother’s Day, the amount of work and money it took to open up was enough to wake up and motivate the family of Spring Shores after a long cold Tonasket winter. The snow pack was non-existence and the cold seeped deep into the ground sometime after Christmas last year. The pipes both water and sewer froze with it. The recently remodeled cabin above the shop burned down. The cause of this disaster was a fire made in the wood stove that stood in the corner of the shop. A family dog was lost in the fire along with most of the tools and the log splitter. The linens burned with the bunkhouse and out buildings that held supplies used for of the resort. Fire trucks that were called for never showed as expected. It is 27 miles from either the town of Republic or Tonasket. Rumor has it, and there is always a rumor in Wauconda, that the Fire Crew of Republic was checking on a gas leak at the Wauconda Meeting Hall, which is in the County of Okanogan. Spring Shores is eight miles down Bunch road. The call to respond was received but the fire crew never arrived or dispatched because Republic is in Ferry County not in Okanogan County where the fire was burning. The dispatch operator relayed this fact to the Resort. The meeting hall is not in Ferry County, where the fire crew was.
The Resort was, put back together and new water pipes installed. The season opened only a couple days late this year, a fine achievement for the cast and crew of Spring Shores, and to top it all off, the dock received a new deck and railings. Josie now sits with me on the dock, before, she was afraid of stepping in a hole or turning an ankle. Time this summer with Josie has been special, and we make the most of it. We fit in as much love and smiles that we can, without busting up laughing. For time does seem short these days. At the same time for each one of us, Josie and I have never been happier and feeling more accomplished with even a small bit of satisfaction that has come our way.
I had been working only a few days, when Cailen walked in for a bite to eat. It turns out to be the only meal that I served him during that particular stay at the lake. He was Irish true and through. His voice could be a haunting whisper or a booming laugh if needed to be, as he told me about himself. Bonds were forged and friendships made during those few short evenings as Cailen sipped beer, and I worked on the other side of the Bar as The Black Hat Cook at Spring Shores Restaurant. Not much food was required those nights, just good conversation! Once again, I found myself talking about things that are…not secret…but not conversed about so easily with strangers. However, Cailen was different, so easy to talk to, willing to listen with an interest in the ideas and opinions I offered. That told me, he was searching for something. This insight that I might be able to help him, of me being one of the few that could, we both thought it possible. I am always more, than willing to explore, the possibilities of life with an interested party. For me this was an opportunity to start moving forward again. Last year, after having my existence expanded past my comfort zone, in the completion of collecting the pieces of myself, thru the Order of Light.
Scares that I received on that journey were part of my healing. I was covering my tracks and hiding in a world that confuses most, including other worldly visitors or more accurately interlopers. We all have energy signals that most beings are able to read. Most earthlings cannot see these vibrations of energy that run through all things. Some can use this feature to mask their feelings and intent, reminds me at times of intense poker players trying not to show emotion and fear. The interlopers only look for fear and pain not love and faith, which act like a repellent against them. I was retreating to the mundane rhythm of eating, sleeping and working. I was not licking my wounds, just trying to be unnoticed.
Until one day Trinity, my friend and co-worker, said. “A project is what I need” I poetically called it, The Redemption of the Slug.
Cailen confided in me, questions at first, possible commitments between us at the end.

Cailen asked me about demons, Jesus as well and if I believed that, such things existed.It drums a beat I told Cailen about my first encounter with a demon, how Jesus saved me through the love of my Savior. It took twenty years to understand and start the healing of my etheric body that transforms the human body. After a demon enters into the spiritual mind of the unprepared adventurer, as had happened to me, it took my unrelenting love of Christ to break this grip. The Demon was removed it from my physical body, but he attached himself to my etheric body.
The first act of love and loyalty towards me by Arch Angel Michael was the Blessing of Self. He plunged his sword through my crown and into my heart center, my soul light, which removed this demon from my being. Michael also was showing me, by his act of opening up and clearing my energy pathways, that I was worthy of this world and connected to him. That is when I had my first glimmer of who I was. That attempt to control another earthly being backfired as I learned my lessons and searched for who I am.
We talked about things that do not seem real to most people, ghosts and fairies and my trust in angels who walk with me. Of what magic is made of, the creation of miracles and when the grace of god is given. That we are as important and powerful as any other being that exists, the right of our own self-will and the Love of Christ for all. I instilled a measure of faith and hope into Cailen as I recounted my experience with the “Order of Light” and “The One” to Cailen.
He, in turn told me about a dream, a dream that he had several times in the recent past about a glass box on a ship, it was a cell, with Cailen in it! He had not given this dream much thought until one night; he walked into his bedroom, and saw there, a Squat Furry Brown 3-4 ft. high being with huge oval black eyes! No, this was not a dream, as much as Cailen wished that it were. Once the creature realized Cailen was looking at it, it dissipated from Cailens view. This event triggered memories; he had a new awareness of manipulation of his self -being. After listening to his recollection and questions, the answer was quite clearly one of abduction. Cailen knew, but never had the courage to admit this to Him. Let alone a total stranger like myself, but this time he did both.
I asked Cailen if he knew who his angel was. Cailen said he did not, in his Irish accent that is sometimes funny and humorist and other times like a voice in the past as this time was.
While in bed after the second day of are conversations, I Asked Michael to tell me who Cailens angel was. I felt the answer more than heard it, which is usually the case in are communications. It was My Angel, Arch Angel Michael. I felt a deep connection towards Cailen. The type of feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like there has been a long history with him that you cannot put your finger on. I saw what Michael was saying, that Cailen was another piece of my puzzle with the connection of kin.
I knew Cailen was special to me then, with more promise than he knows. I am like him. Early in our lives, while still young and unknowing. Sought out and used on paths not of our best interest. Tried and tested by the unseen aspects of another dimension, controlled not for the highest good of one’s self. We willingly detached ourselves from of the Love that protected us.
These energies flow through the dimensions. We can see those who interact with us from within these flows, that we insist do not exist. So wake up now and own your own self-right of existence. Negative dimensional beings seem to gravitate toward this Earth plane. They manipulate our emotions so they can feed off the negative energy that they created. I Told Cailen none of this on our next meeting only that I knew who his angel was.
After the owl visited him while he was sitting by the private dock that set on the shore next to his camp in the early dusk of the evening before. Cailen waited for me to start my shift the next day. Shortly after I settled in behind the grill, Cailen sat down on the stool in front of me, as he had for the past couple of days. He told me he was leaving. I asked why and Cailen responded with the pat reply he decided to tell me. He needed to get back to work. It was Memorial Weekend, I saw it for it was, just an excuse. Something was wrong. We had been making great gains into the truths of the puzzle that was his life. I told Cailen that indeed he did have an angel. He gave me a sheepish grin that glowed red from his Irish complexion and replied, “I know it’s Michael”. I in a queried voice asked him” have you ever allowed Arch Angel Michael to talk and work with you”. The answer was no, so I suggested Cailen give Michael permission to do so. I told him that our Arch Angel Michael was unsurpassed in all assemblages. I related to Cailen that I have even given Michael my free will and permission to move me forward in my path of life. However, I do not recommend this to anyone. My life has changed completely and it has not been easy. Cailen asked me if he could tell me something and never repeat it. I only asked him, what was it that he wanted to say. Cailen knew I was writing a book. I even let him read parts of it to show Cailen what could be possible of him. I do not want to violate his trust. I value the friendship we have made, so I keep his identity a secret.
Cailen confided in me that the owl visited him just about dusk the evening before. When Cailen saw the Owl, he felt that it was an image placed in his mind. He believed it was what They wanted him to see, not what was real. He was being warned that They were watching him! He felt that our conversations were to blame for this visit. He decided to leave in the morning. I expressed my hope that he would wait to leave until I came in for work the following day, and he said he would. We exchanged emails and phone numbers. Cailen left early the next morning, I have yet to reconnect with him as of this writing.
I saw how Trinity was right. I needed a project. I also saw, how this chance meeting with Cailen, was also right. It seemed to accommodate two life paths, not a destiny, but of needs being met, as the energies of Life’s Mirrors are attracted toward each other. Forward I proceeded, as last year. Almost exactly one year ago, I experienced lessons that moved me out of my comfort zone and my protection area. The truth of my own existence once again was expanding my mind, body and spirit. “Hopefully” I joked with my wife Josie “that I won’t have to die this year”. Last year was a very eye opening experience to say the least.
With Cailen gone it was time to keep my word. I would do what I could to help him. I lay down by my wife’s side as I settled into bed that evening. I did as I had promised. I would send The Order of Light for Cailens protection. My monks responded immediately to watch over him. Protection of family lines not only for Cailen but also for me, I soon would find out why row after row of my now Grey, no longer brown, Robed Monks responded to my call.
Delving into Cailens energy streams with the intention of gaining what was haunting him. I reached out and connected myself to Cailen and blended are fields of thoughts, to find out about the origin of his family’s generational contacts. They came to me. Fast and furious was there response, as They tried to push my intention away from Cailen.
It has been 8 months since I stood up against a wrong toward Humanity as a whole. As Individuals allowed there Sacred Right of Self Determination of who they are, to be taken away or abused by fear.
I had nothing to gain personally by helping Cailen. In fact the opposite would hold true. I opened up a so-called, Can of Worms, toward a Race of Beings that stand as One collectively. They believe controlling another is not wrong. I exposed our inherent right of free will, about and toward them. I claimed Cailen as mine, a part of the same heritage that I carry forth prior to any Agreement made. The truth of my claims negated there original contract of Future Son’s and Daughter’s. It mattered not to They, as we stood in conflict and war was in there minds.
However, through negotiations from governesses that I did not know existed. That does govern to some degree, the interactions between the different dimensions of Beings. We agreed to let Free Will make its choice. After several days of compilations with Michael, Mary and Gabriel. so I disconnected my energy streams. Threats toward my Lines of Family, as They were willing to trade one for one, did not influence my reluctant retreat. In fact it made me want to stand firm, to protect my own. Cailen allowed fear to rule his heart. I still have issues with this because instilled fear is not Free Will in my mind. Nevertheless, as a Bigger Logical Picture it still was free will,
I will one day soon I hope share the details, once the Veils lift further and their negative energy becomes less available on our New Earth Plane as a whole. As of today, I am held in check not to re-enter into my dialog, even past tense because there is no time or space in this matter, and I do not break my truce at least not today.

The White Owl sits on Arch Angel Michael’s right shoulder.

During the last days of June my wife Josie, had what most people would think of as a vision. It was a thought-form created and given by her guides, one of clarity of a misunderstanding by me, about the white owl. I had jumped to conclusions without putting in the work to find the truth. This vision was of a book. A very old, book with heavy covers, fine calligraphy and depicted borders, Josie described it as European in style. In her vision, the white owl of light flew over the book. It opened to a page that appeared to start with a large ornate W, then flew and landed on the right shoulder of an angel of great stature who hands where clasped on the hilt of a sword that touched the ground before him. It was Arch Angel Michael, a brother, father and my kin. The white owl of light is a guardian of those whom Michael holds tight. Was this book one of old family history, or could it have been the actual Akashic Records of Cailen. Cailens angel is Michael. The White Owl of Light is a warning of a coming intrusion; The Owl is a sentinel of Cailen, by his Angel Michael whom it sits upon the right shoulder of.
With this understanding maybe now, I will be able to connect with Cailen as we bring forward the truth. Josie my wife has the ability to collect information that is as important, as the energy streams, I am able to manipulate that run thru all of us.
The molding of one’s personal energy streams is how magic is used and miracles created.

Chapter Two:
The One, The Other and The Order of Light.

The Right and Left Hand Sides of the Bowl

Shadows of self are as real as your light and just as important.

This is a story of entering into to the heart of my soul, returning completely as one, from Duality into Singularity.
God endowed Melchizedek,
This endowment was to move the people forward to a more singular stream of life. By joining the church and state into one office, so people could live a less dualistic state of life. In this case, Melchizedek held both offices. In fact, the controlling influences in today’s world have used this same exact strategy, not for the growth of humankind, as was the original intent, but for only the control of humankind. Once the church and state placed the laws of control in place, they once again separated them. Moses did so, when he declared the law of church and state is separate. Moses’s Law, was done in Love for the people and does not supersede the law of Melchizedek.
How do I know this about Melchizedek…only what I have seen about myself…a bit of consciousness of him and of David, also who I am. I first time I was introduced into the energies of this consciousness, was on an early February day. After I my first Dolphin Brain Balancing Chamber of Light, which was also a healing of my Brain. That saved my life on that Super bowl morning. I brought in my father, Arch Angel Michael, to honor and to show my love for him. I do so by bowing on the ground at his feet. Michael, who always picks me up off my knees and brushes me off, and insists that I am his equal, Gabriel says so to. I bowed before Michael, as I honored and thanked him for all he has done for me. I kneel as my forearms and palms of my hands touch the ground, with my forehead resting on them. I ask Michael that all I do would be in honor of him and not of me. Michael placed the tip of his sword on the top of my head, and said “Granted”. I waited for him to remove the tip of his sword so I could stand up by his side, as he always insists I do. As I patiently waited for Michael, I heard- Templar Sect. No, Temple Sect, no not right, Te-M-Ple Sect, closer, but not sure.

The Collective Consciousness of Melchizedek

4,000 yrs. ago, I lay on pillows of silk that are as ornate as any King had lain upon. The pillows rest on marble which craftsmanship was not wasted. My wife of two-life time’s ago is by my side, she was the one I was trying to find and the connection between us. I found her and the answers that I had asked my angels to show me. She was the one I wanted to know about and why I felt so close to someone that I barely knew. As always, the answer was also my door that I so desperately needed to open. The question I had been trying to remember for almost 40 years. Who I was in my past lives? Now I know the last two. Evan and The Other. Evan who is this life’s shadow, my higher self that I have merged fully with, by my raising of the vibratory rate on a cellular level so that are energies could vibrate as one, Evan has walked in and is part of me now. The Other, is this chapter of my story.
As I lay as the Lord Melchizedek, being fanned with branches of palm, by my people. As I eat fruits, drink wine, and laugh with the love of that lifetime, my companion. The connection between her and I was pure, pure of heart, as it was for all the people who lived under my rule, everyone was happy. I felt this through my heart and knew it to be true.
The vision was short but full of life. I found more than I could have asked for, answers of a lifetime.
I met a person from a past dream of a distant life that I had not discovered in this life until now.

How was I going to inform my current project at the time, that I found the connection between us and lay it before her without incurring the wrath and jealousy of this life’s husband? Most people cannot separate the feeling of spiritual family and earthly feelings because we immerse ourselves in physical illusion. The truth is easy to tell, the trick is the timing as Mother Mary taught me, as witnessed by Josie and Squirrel, when Mother Mary called to me and said, “It’s time” on Father’s Day of Last Year just days before I died.
Therefore, I told the truth as I told the history of us. This history is important for her to be whole, for her to collect her pieces back as I did. Because she is dying as I was and needed to find the truth as I did, so she can save her life also. She walks as a wounded solider since she refuses to find the truth of herself. Even as I try to heal her, today my angels tell me she is not ready. Her story, I feel will be my next end, but not my Final End of the story. As my circle closes, Josie still keeps me home, even today she dreams her wishes and adds her intentions to keep me home, whole and safe. Josie’s wishes have a tendency to be honored by those Josie walks her paths with. There is always hope that my time will not pass until Josie’s lesson of this life is learned as she passes thru this lifetime. Everyday this summer we hold our love for what we have become here on our sanctuary, as we bask in each other’s glory and light. I do not know when it is my time to pass thru this plane of life, and I do not want to know. It is not far away to be sure. My circles close. Against all odds, I read my Ka Template and saw Ascension as a possibility of this life and it is becoming the truth. This is a truth too fantastical to make up, of how life contracts are completed.

Te-Em-Ple Order of Melchizedek
As I was pondering the words and meaning that I heard, my body was infused with a different vibrational energy than I have not experienced before. A natural energy since we are vibratory creatures. As Michael said these words, these thought forms called forth a group of monks, brown robed and hooded. I say called forth since that is how I perceived it. Their energy and light was already present. I was allowed to notice them, allowed is not the right term. I was lifted up to a higher frequency by the energy Michael blessed me with and the veil lifted as I was raised to a Higher Dimensional Reality that I still today work through.
As I looked at them, I noticed a layering of the robes that hid their faces. I felt no emotions from them. This told me that they hold themselves tight, no telltale signs of any thought or direction. No desires or fears that would allow any being perceive who they are. Just a neutral state of being, one of deep oaths and vows taken, all tasks are just as equally important.
Once I opened up my heart to them I felt a sense of both jubilation and doubt, curiosity abound them all. I felt great waves of expectations flow through me. I understood what Michael expected of me. To be a part of The Order of Light, which is the name I gave them. That is how I learned to work with them, thru my heart with bolder fuller thought forms than I was required to do with Michael and Gabriel. My guides always seem to anticipate my reactions with one of their own. So that I never run out of questions or get an infinitive answer. As I move through my training and learn what a Human Body is capable of and how the Universe is sitting in the palm of your hand waiting for you to engage it. I have questioned for what I am being trained for. I have pondered and talked to Josie many times about this. Never have I asked my teachers why I am doing what I do, because each task that we have taken answered the same question of why. It is important that I find my own answers as I travel through this space and time. This is another one of my lessons to learn.
The One and The Other was Finished as One on May 8 2015. This is an amazing story with the outcome unknown until 5/8/15. Pen to paper to finish is all that’s needed..soon to come..5/8/15..thank you for all the love I receive as you pay attention toward my truths.

Another Story

August 12th 2014
My preparation for my change in life started in the beginning of august. Michael started talking to me more on a daily basics. We still interacted in a strict farther son dialog and I had a hard time adjusting to the hard love approach that I felt I was engaged in. So I told Arch Angel Michael how I felt and how I needed a loving father who holds me more than scolds me. Later that afternoon in the 2nd week of august Michael talked to me as a loving father and held me. I was energized from the exhausting ordeal of the fire that almost took our house a week earlier. Michael gives me what I need for this earthly body, his love has always blessed me in all phases of my life. The best choices for me weren’t always the easiest path for me to follow, but the necessary ones that in needed to take. I had the father I needed to move forward in my next part of my evolution. 8/12/14 I received The Melchizedek 6th dimensional tune up. I had been asked for weeks prior to today if I was ready to go forward. Forward into change. Change of myself.
August 11th 2014
Rachel needed a large amount of love today. Friday I sent her a large amount of healing energy. Golden healing energy, just in time evidently, she must have been entering into one of her bad times. Today she seems well. Just in need of Love energy to help her move through her healing. The love healing energy is ultimately my doorway into the 6th dimensional arena. So as I continue to infuse Rachel with my Melchizedek energy so that her vibratory rate is kept stable enough to hold her higher self that I helped bring down into her earthly body to promote her healing. This turns out not to be a spontaneous healing but more of a self-healing process.
August 17TH 2014
Angel decided today to start using holographic imagining for diagnosing cases in junction with her lab. This is a model for etheric intuitive healing.
When I checked on Racheal today the light bands that I placed in her etheric field a year ago has changed from 3 vertically aligned light bars to one whispy light block, the same size in width and height as the original 3 separate blocks,that was dissipating into her aura

August 28th 2014
During a very important opening of my heart today I sent Rachel a vast amount of 6th dimensional energy. Yesterday Racheal was at Spring Shores when I arrived at work. She looked buffed, this is the first time I have seen muscle mass on her frame in two years. The work a year ago is starting to work as intended. I think the Natural healing pills and the chemical treatments Racheal used by her doctors slow this process way down. Josie was told by her Guides that we had to wait until Racheal was ready before I could heal her, which meant when she was done destroying her body. Between the doctor treatments and her very limited protein diet, her body was dying. Her Emotional Body moved to her outer most Aura to protect itself. Our healing session at the end of last month returned her missing parts fully back into her physical self. The 4 cell process that was unique to Racheal, they turned from cells after several days into 3 light bars above her head, to a misty white light energy like fog that has worked it’s way into through her Aura into her Physical Body coming in through the first Chakra and down into her Human body. The effect is quite noticeable on her physical muscle mass. The last day or so, Racheal and her husband Steve has been woodcutting. Prior to our last session Racheal had a continual brain fog as she described it. She shows no signs of this fog today. Also the extraneous activity from woodcutting would have debilitated her not made her stronger. Once more I am filled with love in my heart for this opportunity to partake in the Healing of Racheal and will always be grateful for this blessing.
June 3rd 2014 I placed 4 perfect cells into Racheals etheric field on her 3rd eye, throat chakra, solar plexus and perineum. They turned into 3 light bars right above her head inside her aura to facilitate healing. On 7/26/14 when received the healing session from my guides to move forward with Case #3 again, I checked on Racheals etheric field, the three bars of light had morphed into one wispy block slighty bigger in size as the original three as it moved into her physical body. 8/18/14: after I gave Racheal several weeks to let the healing session from 7/25/2014 integrate and settle into her Physical body, I viewed her etheric body and the 4 perfect cells that absorbed into Racheals physical body was now a glowing light surrounding her third eye produced from the physical cells in her body that are now starting to hold light, finally once again, now that Racheals emotional bodies and bits of her ethric self have been gathered and returned to her as she continues to heal.
Talked to Racheal today. Her gall bladder test results from her city doctor came back with no observable problems. She feels that she has a little flu bug that’s has her down and unable to wok today. I think that there is more to I than that. The detoxing and anti bacterial programs she undertook this last year has taken its toll on her body. She has back off all the posion she was told to take to manage the Lyme disease and recently stopped the Herbal medications. Her body needs to heal. Racheal informed me that her mental state of awareness has not been better in a long time. Before our healing session, she had been in a brain fog for a long time and even during the session, this lack of brain communication was apparent. Racheal reported today that she did not have her prior mental clarity issues, I am so happy for her today. We are going to start Steve and Racheal on Intention Building Skills with creating their own reality program, Racheal focusing on her perfect self and Steve focusing on his heart’s desire to move forward in life.


Mission August 2017: a journey into earth.


I have been called to Mt Shasta next summer in some sort of Meeting or diplomacy type of function. Probably I will receive some clear instructions and tools about the upper and lower Earth’s merging as a Total Planet Alliance. I am hoping at this point physical interactions are on the schedule. Either way I will be ready and available on site. This is occurring during one of the biggest plasma field bomb explosions on record. It just entered into our Sun and into the Earth’s Magnetic Field on 12/28/16 that will reach its peak during this call in August of 2017. I am assuming the timing has to do with the energetic influx that will help align the energy fields within the planet.

I am excited with the possibilities of many people of different talents ascending upon Mt Shasta during this time or from your current locality. I will have my Heart open to connections on a personal scale as I move forward on my Path. This is a Vortex opening up Permanently, it could be described as The Veil Lifting right before the big Event or Movement in Dimensionality. It is a  Opening between the 3rd and 5th dimensional awareness. A major clearing opening up the potentiality of The Event. Ushering in of the Event.


The post will change often in progress

1/6/17: Cheria had a Heart to Heart talk with me today. I was told too start behaving like an Adult of my time line. Dont assume an air of easiness because Mother Mary is Seeing me Home. Cheria reminds me that she See,s as I Do. That she is looking from a higher vibrational perspective and is closely connect to me right now.  Sounded like my Higher Selves point of view. I suppose they have the same seating arrangement with me. Ironic and funny that I feel like I am Being Babysitted. So it is Time to ween off the Emotional 3D energy. And Buckle Up Like Evan tells me.

Later this afternoon I was notified that “Contracts and Means of Completion have opened the Roadway To Our Journey” during a late afternoon vibrational increase, which come sooner and stronger now. I have an August date but I feel that I could Move soon.