The One and The Other

The One, The Other and The Order of Light.

The Right and Left Hand Sides of the Bowl

Shadows of self are as real as your light and just as important.

This is a story of entering into to the heart of my soul and returning completely from Duality into Shadow as One.

God endowed Melchizedek,
This endowment was to move the people forward to a more singular stream of life. By joining the church and state into one office, so people could live a less dualistic state of life. In this case, Melchizedek held both offices. In fact, the controlling influences in today’s world have used this same exact strategy, not for the growth of humankind, as was the original intent, but for only the control of humankind.

Once the church and state had the laws of control in place, they once again separated them as if seperate

Moses did so, when he declared the law of church and state is separate. Moses’s Law, was done in Love for the people but does not supersede the law of Melchizedek.
How do I know this about Melchizedek…only what I have seen about myself…a bit of consciousness of him and of David is also who I am. The first time I was introduced into the energies of this consciousness, was on an early February day. I brought in my father, Archangel Michael, to honor and show my love for him. I did so by bowing on the ground at his feet. Michael, who always picked me up off my knees and brushed me off. He insists that I am his equal just as Gabriel says so also.

I bowed before Michael, as I honored and thanked him for all he has done for me. I kneel as my forearms and palms of my hands touch the ground, with my forehead resting on them. I ask Michael that all I do would be in honor of him and not of me. Michael placed the tip of his sword on the top of my head, and said “Granted”. I waited for him to remove the tip of his sword so I could stand up by his side, as he always insists I do. As I patiently waited for Michael, I heard- Templar Sect. No, Temple Sect, no not right, Te-M-Ple Sect, closer, but not sure.  I became re-join knighted back into The Legion of Light this name I give it for I have no other name at this time. It is in the Order of The Collective Consciousness of Melchizedek

4,000 yrs. ago, I lay on pillows of silk that are as ornate as any King had lain upon. The pillows rest on marble which craftsmanship was not wasted. My wife of two-life time’s ago is by my side, she was the one I was trying to find and the connection between us. I found her and the answers that I had asked my angels to show me. She was the one I wanted to know about and why I felt so close to someone that I barely knew. As always, the answer was also my door that I so desperately needed to open. The question I had been trying to remember for almost 40 years. Who I was in my past lives? Now I know the last two. Evan and The Other. Evan who is this life’s shadow, my higher self that I have merged fully with, by my raising of the vibratory rate on a cellular level so that are energies could vibrate as one, Evan has walked in and is part of me now. The Other, is this chapter of my story.
As I lay as the Lord Melchizedek, being fanned with branches of palm, by my people. As I eat fruits, drink wine, and laugh with the love of that lifetime, my companion. The connection between her and I was pure, pure of heart, as it was for all the people who lived under my rule, everyone was happy. I felt this through my heart and knew it to be true.
The vision was short but full of life. I found more than I could have asked for, answers of a lifetime.
I met a person from a past dream of a distant life that I had not discovered in this life until now.

How was I going to inform my current project at the time, that I found the connection between us and lay it before her without incurring the wrath and jealousy of this life’s husband? Most people cannot separate the feeling of spiritual family and earthly feelings because we immerse ourselves in physical illusion. The truth is easy to tell, the trick is the timing as Mother Mary taught me, as witnessed by Josie and Squirrel, when Mother Mary called to me and said, “It’s time” on Father’s Day of Last Year just days before I died.
Therefore, I told the truth as I told the history of us. This history is important for her to be whole, for her to collect her pieces back as I did. Because she is dying as I was and needed to find the truth as I did, so she can save her life also. She walks as a wounded solider since she refuses to find the truth of herself. Even as I try to heal her, today my angels tell me she is not ready. Her story, I feel will be my next end, but not my Final End of the story. As my circle closes, Josie still keeps me home, even today she dreams her wishes and adds her intentions to keep me home, whole and safe. Josie’s wishes have a tendency to be honored by those Josie walks her paths with. There is always hope that my time will not pass until Josie’s lesson of this life is learned as she passes thru this lifetime. Everyday this summer we hold our love for what we have become here on our sanctuary, as we bask in each other’s glory and light. I do not know when it is my time to pass thru this plane of life, and I do not want to know. It is not far away to be sure. My circles close. Against all odds, I read my Ka Template and saw Ascension as a possibility of this life and it is becoming the truth. This is a truth too fantastical to make up, of how life contracts are completed.

Te-Em-Ple Order of Melchizedek
As I was pondering the words and meaning that I heard, my body was infused with a different vibrational energy than I have not experienced before. A natural energy since we are vibratory creatures. As Michael said these words, these thought forms called forth a group of monks, brown robed and hooded. I say called forth since that is how I perceived it. Their energy and light was already present. I was allowed to notice them, allowed is not the right term. I was lifted up to a higher frequency by the energy Michael blessed me with and the veil lifted as I was raised to a Higher Dimensional Reality that I still today work through.
As I looked at them, I noticed a layering of the robes that hid their faces. I felt no emotions from them. This told me that they hold themselves tight, no telltale signs of any thought or direction. No desires or fears that would allow any being perceive who they are. Just a neutral state of being, one of deep oaths and vows taken, all tasks are just as equally important.
Once I opened up my heart to them I felt a sense of both jubilation and doubt, curiosity abound them all. I felt great waves of expectations flow through me. I understood what Michael expected of me. To be a part of The Order of Light, which is the name I gave them. That is how I learned to work with them, thru my heart with bolder fuller thought forms than I was required to do with Michael and Gabriel. My guides always seem to anticipate my reactions with one of their own. So that I never run out of questions or get an infinitive answer. As I move through my training and learn what a Human Body is capable of and how the Universe is sitting in the palm of your hand waiting for you to engage it. I have questioned for what I am being trained for. I have pondered and talked to Josie many times about this. Never have I asked my teachers why I am doing what I do, because each task that we have taken answered the same question of why. It is important that I find my own answers as I travel through this space and time. This is another one of my lessons to learn.