The Blessing of Arch Angel Michael


My First Lesson    Love of family

This is my real first interaction with my father Michael. Just dreams of possibilities prior and Lessons of Path after. My path is a different one. Most who first meet me love the Light that I carry, but have trepidation as they see my paths that I travel. With the only exception is my Wife, Angel Irene Beer. She is an angel in her own right, who has roots that reach deeply into Mother Earth and holds me in her bosom. Angel my wife has travel into my Spaces of Dimension, through my Doors; she has followed unasked to support me. as I went before a convent that held our hill as theirs and came at me once they saw who I was. They attack me physically into my Heart. A threat to their control and power, Angel came with the power that she tries not to admit. Completely out of her comfort zone to stand by me with my Angels, her courage is unmatched as we are One. My wife stood next to a child who she brought with her into my doors. Who we call Squirrel. Squirrel became my Daughter through Arch Angel Michael. This I witness, as I was brought forth by Mother Mary, who came to me “It is Time” as Mary always does with me into my lessons that was also a healing for Mother Gaia. Two fold as most things are for me in these arenas. As I entered the doorway that opened before me, I saw My Wife and Child standing there in their Power. I saw them but did not glance or give a thought toward them this was not for them. It was my lesson. I knew this instantly as I do not hesitate or question my tasks in my 6th dimensional body. I just continued on the path that is before me. I am always, trained and prepped minutes before for the work laid before me. When they tell me “it is time”, I lie down on my bed and come to them. They show me first what to expect and how to react, then the doors open for me to interact. As I walked past my Wife and Squirrel into battle against 6 or 7 of a Covent, they saw me with my Angels. I felt there conviction that is was just a trick, Mother Mary was on my right with Arch Angel Michael behind me for he always has my back and Gabriel to my left, the Covent felt that they were just an image I put forth, not real.


They do not engage, they transmute my energy as I collect    My roads are different than most of those of Light. I trust in my faith as I am pushed to help those like myself, my Mirrors of Life as we learn from and towards each other. I learn as they learn and I heal as they heal, this is how it has always worked for me. This is why, I am led by my savior into the alleys of life. Not all can walk these streets without being scared, just as I cannot. Which is just another lesson of Love and Faith as I am held so tightly. As I hold so tightly too my Angels and paths led.


I met Sonja at The Science Spirit and World Transformation Conference in 2006, at the ECETI Self Mastery Institute in Hood Oregon in August 18-20. Sonja was a guest speaker on her Specialty Yoga Techniques. I engaged on one on one session so Sonja could advise me on an inactive thyroid that I was currently on medication for. My intention was to reduce or eliminate the Synthroid medication I was on because of the side effects. It made me feel jumpy inside.

When I met Sonja for my session I had not only a physical experience but also a spiritual healing not quite ten years ago and I have not looked back. This Experience seems to have changed my life, let me give a little history before I go on.


When I was 12 yrs. What is Life all About and Is there a God, hit me right between the eyes. I spent almost a week walking around at night searching for an answer. I was reduced to lying on my Moms car and just weeping for hours on end. My Mother was worried that I was suicidal. My father had left my sisters and I for another family, without support financially or emotionally. I looked up and prayed, “Just give me a sign”. A star lit up in the night, as it zigzagged down and then shot up and across the sky. I questioned what it was, I thought I knew, but it did not matter. I was fine almost immediately on an emotional level; and was the answer I had prayed for I was not alone. I had been a Christen since 9 years of age, of my own volition. I knew and loved GOD and knew He loved me back. It was just a truth, not solid as the most things in life were. I understand this today as the Love of Christ. I could not hold this love in my hands, I could feel it, but could not touch it. Today, I stand next to my Savior as lessons Learned. Foolishly and young in mind, I went to witchcraft to see what I could touch. Which I did touched it and it was real, too real for such a young soul that I was. I was 14 1/2 yrs. old and a Demon came into my room, it had the look of Dracula.

I know this may seem as an imagination of the mind for kids to associate in this way. My brother will testify to this still today, as he saw it too. Several years later I had a remarkable encounter as Mirrors came forward. I was telling this story to a friend in Boise Idaho some thirty years past. As I described this entity, he turned white and started to heave through his stomach, my friend could not speak for several moments. When he did he told me that he had encountered this same exact Demon and never could tell anyone because it was too incredulous of him to speak of.

I had invoked a spell of wealth and riches, which during the incantations my first Out of Body experience occurred. This was real and powerful as I told myself. This spell did come to past twenty years later,

it was about to jump into my brother of 6 yrs.old  who shared my room. I screamed and it came at me instead. As it reached me my  mom opened the door and it was gone. The next 1 1/2 yrs. I was kicked out of school (two years earlier I was an honor student) and moved out of my Mom’s house. My Mom couldnt control me. Ten years later I could no longer live with the vocies and urges to hurt and kill. It came to a point that something had to break so I prayed and vowed my life to Jesus. Things got worse before the got better but slowly they did get better. I was in a fight for my life. 3 yrs. later I felt almost normal.      I give this brief history to but put what Sonja did for me in perspective


I am now 46 yrs old and am engaging in a one on one session with Sonja. It is August 19th 2006. Sonja ask me to sit on a stool and tell her why I am hear and asks a few personal questions about me will she prepares her self for the reading. I tell her that I am stuck and cant move forward and have no path to follow. My home life is nothing but negetive. We started breathing and taking in light. I had only done the breathing exercise the day before during Sonja presentation at the Conference. Sonja looks at me and tells me not to be alarmed but we probably wont be able to work on my thyroid because I have bigger issues to deal with. Sonja informed me that I had large black spots on my aura and that she probably coudn’t fix it but would try too make it better.  I said OK. She continue to work with me. I was having a hard time keeping the light flowing and connecting with Sonja because of my inexperience. Sonja cleared some negetivity away. Things got easier for me to work with her. She had me forgive myself for things in the past and also for things in prior lives. Sonja then had me open up the crown of my head, joined both hemispheres of the brain, open up the center of the brian, filled it with light then fill the body,arms, legs as she opened up all seven chakras. At this point I am going 50,000 miles a hour. Sonja shuts down my first chakra and has me breath into my stomach and I relax deeper. Sonja introduces me to my inner little boy and has me place him in my heart where I stay with my breathing. I am hard of hearing so I didn’t hear everything that went on, so I just keep connected with my breathing and light work. Sonja then calls for Micheal The Arch Angel to come down and to Protect, Strengthen and Heal me. She said this 3 times. Then Sonja ask Micheal to take his sword and put it into the crown of my head, down to the base of my spine.  Suddenly I am standing straight up. I am completely surrounded, standing in the middle of a white beam of light shooting straight up. This light was not the light of pure love but the light of strength. I could no longer hear Sonja or see her, I could only feel her behind me and I felt that I was standing up in this brilliant white light of strength.  I could Sonja move around my right and  to the front of me she said “in the name of christ begone“. Instantly I was sitting on the stool as if I had never left. Sonja looks at me and ask me why she used christ name because she connects with a different Religeon. I told her because Christ is important to me. At this point my chest started to shake so I tried to hold it and it felt like it would rip apart so I relaxed and Sonja went behind me placed her hands on my stomach and head,  gave me light and I stopped shaking after silently weeping for a period of time and Sonja talking to me I was able to simulate my thoughts. Sonja then worked with me on my thyroid even though her time schedule had been streched. Showed me how to active my thyroid with sounds and geometry. Sonja gave me advise on how and why my thyroid was not working assured me that with proper cleasning and maintence of my body and change of work enviroment that I should be able to get my thyroid back into shape. Also counsoled me that if a dont make these changes that I was in for futher complications in the near furture. She also gave me insight on my life path which I have been wanting but unable to pursue until now. Sonja told me that I would have help to make this changes and that she would keep me in her thoughts to help me heal.  Well it has been a week since this has happened. I think my job stituation is in process of changing for the better.

For as what happened I dont want to assume. It was not an exorcisim. I feel so much love and I cant remember when I have been this happy and really feel that EVERYTHING with be fine no matter what. Micheal The Arch Angel healed my negetivty and jump started my 4th density or chakra which has bound and strengthen my earthly attributes. This has change my wants desires and my path in life This I do know


Gary Beer

Any questions would be appreciated contact at


Hi Sonja,

Being Garys wife, I felt a great desire to also share this with you…

Not knowing just what to expect upon Garys arrival home to me,  I was happilly supprised by his obvious change, both in his body language and his mannor of speaking.  He appeared a bit worn but his eyes were bright and it was if his soul was peering at me through them. (I was a bit scared).  He was anxious to share his experiences but was hesitant as he feared I would think he was “nuts”.  Quite the opposite, I wanted to know what would cause this metamorphis’.  Gary with my proding,  finally agreed to expose his encounters with me.  I have to admit had I known that It would be hours of information that I couldn’t readily process, I would have tried to slow him down, but he was definately over-whelmed with excitement about his experience with you.  After listening to Gary, holding him, and watching him tearfully express his feelings, I knew that his time with you served him well.

I now feel closer to a man I thought I was losing to self-distruction and sadness, whose journey to become who he was meant to be, has just begun.  It is my vow to encourage, support, and to be a part of this journey with him, to share what we will learn together with our family and others who desire.










I am so very glad that your session with Sonja was so very, very
beneficial to you and seems to have made quite an impact on your
direction and the mending of your home life.  I am sure that you will
continue to feel positive improvements in your day to day life.

As for Angelike W., she was the right person for me to connect with at
the Sanctuary, but may not be for everyone.  I shared an experience
with her that I had at the ranch out near the bee hives where we parked
at the edge of the field as you first come into the field. In case I
did not tell you about it, it was another of my ‘wind’ experiences.
When I told her about it, I was sure that she was the person who could
provide me with info about who I am related to in the cosmos; who my et
ancestors are. This I did get from the reading over the phone, plus a
lot of other insights that she was clairvoyantly receiving from the
entities present in our session. It was one hour @ $120. with a tape
recording coming in the mail of the phone session.  She relayed info
about myself that was right on in terms of new
openings/work/art/personal history/strengths/weaknesses/excess baggage
from a past extradimensional lifetime.  There was a bit of inaccurate
info about my present life, however.  All in all, it was very much
worthwhile for me and will take me into the further development of my

The wind experience that I mentioned that happened at the
ranch/sanctuary was one of the days when I returned to my white, rented
car at 6PM (Saturday, I think).  I had brought a 1/2 pint of red salmon
that my partner(who came back to help me get salmon) and I
caught/jarred up in June with me for lunch that day. Since the speeches
were so very interesting, I skipped lunch and drank the supercharged
water all day. When I got my little jar of salmon, some rye crackers
and peach out of the trunk, I walked into the trees to sit on a lava
rock. There was no air moving. It was still and hot. As I sat on the
rock and slowly opened my jar with a knife, since I did not have a can
opener, I thought about offering some to the spirits around me.  When I
put some on a cracker, I stretched my hand out and mentally, by
telepathy, invited the spirits to have some of the Salmon. Immediately
there was a response. A strong wind and loud came over me in the grove
of trees from the direction of the field and stayed on me all the while
I was eating. I got cooled off! It was the day it seemed to be 95
degrees or so.  During that time, I looked back out to the field for
any sign of wind, but there was none. I took the experience as a
response to my offering of salmon and peach.  When I got up to go, it
was still windy in there coming through the trees, but when I got out,
there was no wind by my car.

When I told this to Angelika, she understood and affirmed my
experience. During the interview, she included my ancestors as
including the Atlanteans and the Andromedans.  She confirmed that
Pleidians had run into me/I into them in the mountains here in Alaska
when I was blueberry picking one day a few years ago. They were at that
location for other reasons. I just happened to come along in their
space. What they did was provide a show to me as a way of saying,
hello, according to Angelika, by letting 7 ravens fly in a straight
line nearby and by shaking a white spruce tree very loudly and
vigorously, which I did see shake. I had always wondered what those
signs meant.

I did not stay in my tent at the Conference because I was not ready for
any more contacts, especially at night! My level at the conference was
for walking humans and orbs! I loved the area of Mt. Adams and all the
land and everything on it. I was there to check out what it is that
people know that I am missing out on. I had heard bits and pieces of
what every speaker had to offer, but now my knowledge is more firm. I
had never heard of orbs and had only heard of J.G. from his interview
with Art Bell on C2C a few weeks prior. I knew that I would make the
trip as I felt the heart and soul of what he is doing at the ranch. I
feel like moving to the area, even.  My long time partner and I have
broken up within this past year and I am over my grief.  We have one
daughter who lives in Hawaii, actually.  She wants to swim with the
dolphins sometime with Angelika. My daughter’s dad is Eskimo.

I feel that I have a lot to read, watch and do to  keep me busy all
winter. Our winter is so long.  I am fine.  My day job is as an
instructor of English as a second language to elementary kids, whom I
tutor and instruct from K-6th. It is beautiful work.  Students all have
a language other than English in the family and can receive my
instruction if they are not proficient in reading, writing, or
speaking. I have kids from all over Alaska and all over the world.

A. explains that we are all multidimensional beings and are not limited
to one world or dimension for our information and experiences. She
helps to clarify our identity and why we are here on earth according to
this point of view.  Her interview with the dimensionals related to
myself was meaningful to me because I wanted to get confirmation on my
role in the evolution of life on this planet and my role.  It was
called a Star Being Consultation.  ET guides are supposedly
energetically helping me to activate latent DNA potential and remove
old energy blocks. The removal was done just by telling me about my
hang up up front and personal at the very beginning of the session!
She said that I am exactly on my spiritual path and have been for a
long time. I just want to keep going and so got some new, fresh,
insights that are quite meaningful for me. I have work to do and need
to create a space to get myself in shape by meditation to let it come
in to my awareness, the possibilities that were revealed to me in the
session. I had the session on Sept. 11, this past Monday.

Thanks for asking me about Angelika.  Feel free to share my personal
testimonial about the wind to any who would appreciate.

I sure would like to know what others experienced at the sanctuary
during the conference as well.  Thanks for your testimonial.

May your sunrises be rosy!