We are Open to All

As All Things Are Possible

In Our Creations Together


Cutting Edge Healing Techniques. All procedures and Activations are based on my Individualist Signal 

Whole Body Healing or Specific Areas are Our Specialty

Energetic Body Readings

Full Body Readings with adjustments

Auric Cleansing and Blocked Spinal Passageways

Advanced Outer Energy Lines and Portal Activation 

All energetic interactions are thru a Heart Based Field

We specialize in the Opening and Working within the Heart Vortex

Opening up the Bodies Chakra System while engaging your Heart Center

Creating your reality thru your Heart Field Intentions

Light Bars may be used. They fine tune the Bodies Energetic Field and cleanse the Chakra System while balancing your incoming and outgoing energy

All things start with in the Heart

Energetic Cord Maintenance

We all have attachments through energy cords. Husband / Wife / Family Groups / Social Groups

The intent of the action toward the cord determines how it affects you. Loving attachments give loving energy. Just as negative intentions use cords also

We teach how to check and replace these Cords

CCEC uses Energetic Cords only with permissions

 Vibrational Attunements

Teaching daily Maintenance and Tuning of your Vibrational Field

Working with Your Bio Chemical Electromagnetic Body

Cellular Memory Clearing

Clearing the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies from Past and Present Occurrences

 Spinning Your Physical Cells into Perfection

Clearing your negative emotional reactions of the Biochemical Cellular Memory ingrained into the Human Body from Past and Present Lifetimes, replaced with Photonic Light. Creating a Lighter You

Facilitating the Synchronization of the Vibrational Fields. Using my vibrational field to raise Yours during each process

We facilitate and Teach working with and thru your Aura. Expanding and containing your Vibrational Fields

Working with the Human Electromagnetic Shield

Personal activation’s and Intuitive Guidance providing specific Integrations toward your Higher Self

Your Emotional and Mental Bodies working with Ego in their proper positions synchronistically

Meeting and working through Your Self

Your Intentions and Life Path determine the processes we work with your Divine Right in Free Will. We will meet and work Your Guides

On site or Trans-Personal Sessions available

Developing your Needs

Effectuating your Dreams

Creating a Healthy Environment within You

The 4 Cell Process 

The 4 Cell Clearing Process cuts Integration time down to a minimal. This allows days and not months between the Multiple Processes that are used

The 4 Cell Process uses a blueprinted cell from your Pineal Gland

Raising and lifting your vibrational field as every  Physical Cell spins into The Blueprint of Your Perfected Cell

I streamlined the 4 Cell Process as with all my techniques thru the Guidance of Ascended Masters that I work with. My techniques are specifically designed for my Personal Energy Signal. Everyone has a different PES with different Dominant Abilities. I have built my Healing Techniques and Processes thru Me

Photonic Light Activation’s

Shaping your Body and Mind

The Physical You

To hold and express Photonic Light

The mass of physicality is a lower vibrating Plasmic Field that is malleable through a Higher Vibrational Consciousness

Clearing Auric Attachments

Removing Cords

Evasive and Hostile Energies

Supporting Ones Sovereign Right to Free Will 

As We Stand in Your Right as a Sovereign Being.

Express Your Free Will as a Sovereign Individual.

Releasing negative entities, encounters or dimensional occurrences and unwanted attachments.

This service is available thru screening and acceptance with my Guides.

Merkaba Activation

Is Available

For the Argonauts who wish to Travel the Stars

Teaching an Advanced Method in Today’s Energies

Spinning your Individualistic Signal into your Star Gate

Currently All Sessions are a flat $35.00 fee


All energies and healing are provided by the Individual. We just facilitate and Hold a Space for events to occur. We all have the Ability to Self Heal. We assist by clearing Cellular Density and Raising Vibrational Fields. Clearing a Space for You to work within. All payments are non binding and are open to ability to pay. We are a Pay it Forward and Bartering Organization. ccec