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Pineal Gland Activation, a 108 Faceted Prism Activation and your Organs in a Whole System Cleansing.


Lets start with how this energy of light enters into the Crown Chakra.

The Universe is a Living Conscious Being with multiple independent chakra systems. The Heavenly Bodies.

Portals called Black Holes and White Suns are in every Galactic Center. They influence the Solar Systems thru the Yellow Suns. The Black Holes for contraction and grounding and the Yellow Suns for expansion in consciousness.

Our physical body has top and bottom portals on our Aura, positive and negative, Father Sun- Mother Earth energy. Our chakra system is interconnected to our Solar System thru our Sun then from each planet in line. Richard Hoaglands video on planet vortexes.  [] Every planet has a top and bottom, + positive – negative portal in creation of its mass. The Solar System portals our fed from the Galactic System Portals.

We are directly affected by our Yellow Sun as the Universal Energy enters into our Crown from the Earths Grid that is energized from Our Sun in a cyclical blending of energy. A stable constant moving Universe of expansion into contraction and back again. As we move thru the Eons.

The Chakra System is your Energetic Signal.

The You of You.


Basic Energy Flow for All
You have two portals on the top and bottom of your electromagnetic shield. A Tube of Light runs thru these portals from the top of the Head thru the base of the buttocks. The Earth Grids energy comes in thru the Top Portal opening of the Aura into the Crown Chakra thru the Spine as it travels thru your Chakra System and out thru the Bottom of your Buttocks and the Portals of your Feet and thru the Aura’s Bottom Portal.

This conscious energy is the beginning of your physical matter creativity. As it travels up the front of the spine thru the Kundalini passages creating your Tantric Energy which is your Creation Energy.


Advanced Energy Flow

Energy enters the Crown Chakra into the Spine just below the Occipital Ridge at the base of the skull down thru the Chakra System to the First Chakra at the base of your spine with 10% or this energy grounding into the Earth.

The 90% of the energy travels up the front of the Spine into the Throat Chakra and into the Kundalini Passageways creating your Tantric Energy, thru the portals of the palms of your hands and thru the Portals in the Middle of the Shoulders to the Outside Energy Lines of the Physical Body that traces to the outside of arms and down around the legs. 10% of this[blockage energy] goes out to the ground thru the portals on the bottom of your feet, the 90% is cleared energy goes up the insides of the legs to your genital’s inception point into the scared reservoir and up to your breast area and back to the Throat Chakra and into the Crown chakra where it is joined with more external light and starts over. The amount of external light entering depends on the persons usage of energy, healing hands demand more energy, working with energetic energy [thru time and space] or large groups of people will have a continuous flow.

Healing energy and ball energy is created by directing most of this cleared energy thru the palms of the hands

Please visualize the above basic movements. Before we continue.

advanced merkaba energy

The purpose of understanding how the Bodies Energy works is necessary, for you need to be using Cleared Energy when working with the body in any fashion.

Pineal Gland:



I use Chambers of Light- these are used for working with the Energetic Body and for Integration of Activation. It is Spaces of Dimensional energy that the Pleiadian’s hold open where Pleiadian Emissaries of light and Syrian Arc Angelic League of Light [be specific of the name with working with Syrian Arc Angelic League of Light] work within, with you. There is an infinite amount of different chambers offered just by intent [imagination- visualization]
When working with these higher dimensional energies, as it is brought forward to me or as I connect with it, it is like walking thru a doorway into another Room. With chambers you wait for a dimensional shift that you detect to occur. When they are over- time varies with current needs- the shift will change back.

Quantum Transformation Grid – which clears calcified, blocked and damaged glands, Organs etc. visualize a six sided box- from each side of the box are tiny laser beams smaller that a cell in the body- right, left, top, bottom, front and back that are ultra violet rays of varying color depending on personal need- these colors do and will change by intent or by themselves for need of use. The idea is to activate each side by visualizing placing your one at a time, or six hands at once on each side of the box sending these beams to the opposite side. Holding this energy for about 2 minutes as it stabilizes, Pleiadian Emissaries of light with hold this in place once established so you can fully relax from then on.
These are two models I work with in this activation.

I  offer alternative methods as I want this to work for all. Some models are more effective than others depending on the person.

To Begin

Lie down in a comfortable position or sit in a recliner with a pillow supporting your thigh knee area, knees shoulder length apart.
Replace your grounding cord with a color of choice-silver, gold and red are healing colors or combination of both- just allow the cord color to change if it does. Visualize your cord going down deep into the earth.
Pull your Aura within arm’s length, it is a fun exercise to push and pull your Aura in and away from your body. You know you are affecting your Aura when you pull your Aura all the way in and you feel like you are in a closet. When in nature let it expand as far as you can, to connect with nature, in the city keep it close with a purple protection color.
Ask your higher self to be with and assist you during this activation.

Pleiadian Assistance use instruction A

This is the most complicated but the most effective method I know—with a couple of pre runs it is very easy.
Use your intuition and if compelled to go a different direction and just allow it to happen, sometimes a higher need is instilled as you work in the highest good of self with your Angels. One of my most important healings occurred this way, and this is a common denominator when I work on others. You can always revisit after 48 hrs., to allow integration of all work done, never rush, never move on to the next lesson until integration is complete—integration—integration—integration is the key, that is why I love these chambers of light–integration
If moved too, ask Amorah Quan Yin-for assistance- this is her work- and or myself to help assist in holding a 6th dimensional space of energy for you. Love You Amorah.
Instruction A:

Ask the Pleiadian Emissaries of light to place an Interdimensional cone of light for clearing and divine intervention above you.
Ask the Sirian Archangelic League of Light to join you and place an Evolutionary Cone of Light above you so that this session will achieve the highest good. , sometimes a higher need is instilled and you can always revisit after 48 hrs., to allow integration of all work done
Ask Ascended Masters Jesus Christ and Mother Mary to assist you during this time
Tell your Guides that you are ready to be place in a Geometry Chamber of Light
First level of activation
Envision the Quantum Transfiguration Grid [box] around your Pineal just behind the 3rd eye. Ask the Pleiadian’s to assist in placing and holding this grid for approximately 10 minutes, assist them by following the prior

Relax until 10 minutes is up no need to time this, be guided from within or just approximate
Next, ask that the scared geometry of your pineal gland be restored to its highest degree at this time.
Envision your Pineal inside a small sun with a Fibbernache Spiral inside this Sun. A Bright Golden Sun
Hold this thought for two minutes to take hold and relax for up to forty minutes until you feel it has been completed
Ask you Guides to place you in a Interdimensional Chamber of Light for ten more minutes, envision a White Golden Streaming Light swirling into the center of your pineal for a minute then relax until you feel the dimensional shift from the chamber
Sit up slowly and stretch your limbs as you stand grounding back to the earth.
This sounds complicated, but you are with your guides and if you miss a section you will be assisted and know this work will be completed as a whole There is a second Activation after 48 hrs. with the 108 Faceted Prism. This is one of the most important Activation’s there is for whole body Health so much care was taken with an accurate complete method. A 24 Strand DNA Activation would come next once you have a fully functioning Pineal.
Instruction B:
Ask Amorah Quan Yin-for assistance and  to help assist in holding a 6th dimension space of energy for you if desired.
Ask your Angels and Guides or Myself that you feel comfortable with to assist in this Activation for your Highest Good and Soul Plan.
Fill your Aura with golden Light
Envision a Purplish Red Flame around your Pineal, intend this Flame of Light to decalcify any harden areas, ask this flame to remove any blockages or foreign matter attached to your sacred pineal. Hold this flame for Twenty minutes.
Place a Bright Golden Sun with a Fibbernache Spiral sitting fully inside this sun around your Pineal.
Intend that your Pineal will be restructured fully to its original blueprint. Relax and feel how your pineal is becoming a perfect geometrical sacral form. Imagine a pure Golden White Light Streaming from this Sun into the center of your Pineal. Relax until you feel that it has been perfected to its Highest state possible at this time.
Reground yourself stretch for a minute than listen to… You do not have to connect with the video just place your hands on your Temples when asked to place your healing hands as moved. I do recommend this healing temple exercise. Listen to it prior to see if it something you would like to incorporate in to this activation..

We do a 108 Faceted Prism Activation then your Organs next as a whole system healing.

  Opening up the Crown Chakra  basic information 

This is a beginning into meditation. I like to place my hands on and connect to my Heart, the position does not manner it is the connection that is important. If you have your energy running, your palms will be warm and energetic.. you can feel the energy between your hands, as a ball or pressure. Amorah Quan Yins, Pleiadian Workbook l is an excellent method to get your natural energy flowing on a constant bases. This connection between your hands and Heart Chakra will center you into the Heart, as your attention will be brought their, thru the connected hands. Learn how to connect Heart, Mind , Hands with intention. Christine Days work is wonderful in this manner. You will find most of her work in my pages and drop-box.

Today the Heart is the most important starting point in all meditation, it will remove ego into clarity of truth. The legs for me in the lotus position is hard on my legs for extended periods of time. When I am in a lesson with my Angels, I my be in position for a hour or more. So I relax my legs and start with my feet on the ground in an easy chair, they usually end up on the side of the arm of the chair. Move as comfortable. Breath as comfortable. If a thought comes just observe, try not to analyze, just allow it to come and go to the next one, eventually as you work in Lesson with Guides Angels or your Etheric body, your Heart Mind will be your center of thought and interaction will be in constant discovery of who you are.. Imagination at this point will Allow and Un-limit your cellular attachments of what your ego mind thinks or is programmed to think, what is as possible. Imagination in higher meditation is very important to allow understandings that you have not experienced. Allow your Heart Mind to take you where you need to be at this moment in your Life. Not of time, not of space, but into a dimensional vibrational frequency that you are in sync or tune / tone at that moment. These lessons as I call them  or truths for others and experiences for some is Exploring the Energetic You. 


First a quick understanding in that The Pyramids are Temples of Ascension and with that the ability the connect and move unrestricted through the Universe thru Intent in a Physical or Non Physical form. The different pyramid’s have been built by  RA, The Birdmen, Annunaki, Insectoids and other Beings. Later the Christed Ones, Pleiadians and our future Aspects coming back, to teach us how to fully express our Being in this 3 dimensional experience and move to the next, new vibrational setting, by building the Mystery Schools in the Pyramids. The Great Pyramids show us what they are from the pictographs of The Opening of the Mouth so they can Eat. This is about removing the inside attachments. Clearing of Cellular Memory. So the Life Force can fully enter the physical body so that they can Eat ever lasting Life Blood in the Other Worlds.

The Pineal Gland is a Gateway

The Mystery Schools is a system designed for man of clay, The Hu-Man. The Physical Body work in 3 parts. The Electro, The Chemical and The Bio to work as One. The 3 bodies of Us as One System, that are dependent of each other, not Independent. Each have a higher and lower aspect as all things do in this state of duality. Once the 3 shake hands as One, they join the higher aspect of Self and in completion of Your Life Turn fully expressed in the 3D experience. As you stop reincarnating,  you continue the journey of Joining your Vibrational Frequencies.
How do we do this.
Accepting as an Observer all reactions remembered in Bio. Being the Observer is not connecting  Chemical reactions into the physical/bio mass. The Electro is the means of releasing memory of a high chemical reaction out of the Physical Mass, this is  Cellular Clearing . Once this is done they are together synergistically at this point but not One. We are at the stage of the rare Energetic Gravitational Waves which occur at the end of each Eon. We are being Bathed in Movement!  As a Hu-man we have reached the end of The  Fifth Eon. Take this special and move into your Heart. Nothing is for free, you must do Some Work even in today’s  energies. You have to Consciously Accept / allow the changes that will occur in your life to move through you and change the vibrational light frequency of your Being. Saying Yes to satisfy the Free Will Agreement. Next open up Spinal Pathways through the Pineal Gland. This includes Ka – Kundalini, the outside energy lines and portals between the body and the Aura.Finally you activate fully, the Chakra System, into the Heart’s vortex, the Merkaba connection, into the Self as One.
Allowing this to happen can be as Simple as, when you go to bed every night hold your Heart area and just ask and give permission for your change. This is the easiest and longest but gentlest method.
Or you can do the work I outline in a fast but intense energy movement of a higher center.
What I Recommend, The Language of Light. Easier than latter but more hands on than first method and very effectual.
Most of my work is done on levels so more can use it. Only 60% is in written form, but ask or mix with other work, like Christine Day.
Language of Light, there is dozens of these activations by the same amount of people who used them themselves. They all work in there own way. Try One, try Two, try them all until you find what MOVES YOU. Do Something or nothing .. it is all good, all You. LOVE YOU.…/pleiadian-broadcasts put Meditation, one word only in subject line to receive meditation links. Excellent. No Thing/ nothing work. The Observer.
Clearing the Spinal and Kundalini Pathways and activating the Pineal toward Cellular Cleansing and activating the Heart Vortex. Expanding into a stable Etheric Field.
The Heart Chakra is more than just the Womb of Mother Earth. It is a Vortex  that is ….Your Individualistic Vibrational Signal. This wormhole allows to to connect instantly with all of your Aspects / Shards / Bits …your Dimensional Selves. You have one in Every Dimensional Space. This is a major function of the Spirit, the glue that allows all parts of You to experience and express independently as One.
Breathing is one of the most important actions in placing Focus on Intent. By breathing into your Heart Chakra, you allow your flow of energy that circulates thru the body, to move into that area. You can breathe into your Crown or Root or any  Chakra Point’s, including the ones of the Astral Body. Our Chakra System is designed to interact with our Emotional and Spirit Bodies with the Physical Body. This includes the Galaxies Chakra Points (black holes – white suns ect).  The Universe has a Chakra System that is intertwined with Ours, and your Heart Vortex will take You Anywhere within this system.You will find my thoughts of how and where this System of Conscious Sharing works in my papers.