Possibilities of Time in Space

The Universe is One Verse with Many Songs.

Morphing from One’s Self into another Dimensional Self. Moving, exploring and expanding in each Conscious Evolutionary Expression. As the I am moves or visits each level of it’s Being.


The Owl: Journey of the Plasmic Body

Updated Frequently

Summer of 2017 Finding the Begining


I have been asked to talk about the importance of Connecting to those closet to you. Keeping a deep sense of Love between the ones whom you are energetically entwined with, usually your immediate family, wife- husband-partners in Life.
For me it’s my wife for we live away from most people even though my immediate family do stay closely connected …. but have there own Immediate heart Connections with daily interactions.
As we move into a state of higher frequencies our Cords– energetic energy lines – will keep the timelines of Heart Connections into congruent realities. We will move together trough the multiple possibilities of connected Highest Timeline, So we can move together with those closet To You at to as we move into future streams of our creations thru are interactions in the 3D plane.
Stay connected to stay Together during this next years Shift. There will be many smaller shifts or adjustments as we set Our Future Timeline…… with Heart Connected Love Ones….
Be centered and be Aware of what you Wish for …. in love. For it will change what you experience… as we move to our highest Good<> with the collective of Earths Consciousness.
But mostly to what we set our frequencies too. 
Set your frequencies with those that match your Hearts creations.

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December 18, 2017

Another Understanding of the Cosmic Event

The Flash, a beat of the Galactic heart. Many religions refer to it as a culling a Wheat from the Shaft in a new rebirth. Which is the old paradigm and not today’s reality of a constant forward moment. No more death as we know it, for we will have remembrance of who we are and were. As we move from dimensional plane to dimensional plane as we experience the Universe from the top tier in our Original Reflection to the bottom tier in duality and back into our highest Energetic Singular state in Being. A Greater Expanded Being than in our original Self of a refracted reflection of the Conscious Thought that created this Universe. 
This is the moment when the Heart of the Galactic Center, a white Sun not a yellow sun, pulses again and the Evolution of Galactic thru Universal growth. This is how the Universe expands. Through a Comic vibrational frequency change. That rise all conscious energies to there highest potential in that moment.
The whole Milky Way Galaxy is about to have a Higher Body Experience. The Earth occupants are about to have the Greatest Out of Body experience in remembrance. 
This isn’t going to be without a lot of Physical releasing of attached Emotions thoughts and ideals that are not in-line with the higher frequencies which we will be bathed in as this Flash occurs.
I can and will be painful physical as the physical cells are cleansed of lifetimes of control mechanisms from schools religions and upbringings. As the Emotional Body is brought into the higher vibrational Self, there will be a moment where the physical mind or Ego is stretched into a cacophony of the emotional energies being released. I would call this release a Life review. As all cell memory of all current earth lifetimes are released into a huger frequencies.
Literally, this has been my continuous reoccurring teaching that was define as a Going Home method. 5 years ago while I helped people who came to me or connected with me that where being attached/ attacked and Abducted by negative entities and beings as I stood up for the Right to there Free Will of self determination. I made many connections with these beings and was threaten to be removed personally from this Earth and imprisoned and my family was also threatened with harm in retribution for releasing this entities and restoring their free will by stepping in and by placing myself between the two as I claimed them part of mySelf. Which was true for we are all interconnected in some way but it was a trick, a way to justify in Their minds that I did indeed supersede their claims of rights. I was placed in a position where I could find myself a long way from home in a box. As I was threaten with an battled several attempts to do just that. But my Heart kept me safe.
Being fully within the Heart will energetically take you home to your highest consciousness. During this state, just as when the Flash occurs, you will need to be seated within the Heart Field consciously or you will be taken on a ride of every emotion you have experienced.
When engaged with the Heart you will allow your Higher Thought process to allow you to accept all things you touched in many lifetime and release all density through experiencing the 3 Dimension. Remembering that all that was experienced was triggered/created by your wants wishes desires as you navigated your mission or path in this lifetime.. You allowed yourSelf to experience these vibrational expansions into your Vibratory Signal. Expanding energetically through the contraction of the Physical Realm.
We will expand back out during this quantum shift. Entering and holding yourSelf in love. Immersing yourSelf into the Flow of the Energetic Change within the heart. Not to be wrestling with all the Emotional Bodies bagged, just letting all experiences slip away as fast as they come. By not attaching to any physical release. By folling the directions you will be recieves if you are open to them thru the clarity of the Heart. Each and everyone of us will have a Higher Guide with you. It will be up to you to be open follow your Heart.
I have been practicing during my lifetime here with several lessons that prepare me for this time. Mother Mary has taken me inside my heart as I rejoined myShadow self and then again recently as we traveled the west coast in connections of the Heart with the Crystalline Grid as I found mySelf Back Home during the Solar Eclipse this year in the Pleiades Evan home when he Consciously as an Ma’at to experience duality, which took great courage to bring us to this Earth Plane. And by being in Heart and Following Heart I brought him Home in 8/21/17.

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1:22 am.
All Hands On Deck
Something Big is happening. I have just been called into service. “All Hands On deck”. Time to stand in Light for what We the People Stand for and against.
What defines the United Republic as We The People Stand and take back Our Country.
Looks like all light workers are being called into service to join this battle. This is what just came in a few minutes ago. We Live in Exciting Times…….

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Sisters Brothers Loved Ones

It is Time to Journey as I connect physically with my Plasmic Body and the New Gridwork of the Cascadia’s to Cougar Creek. 
Starting out in NE WA. Earth Rising Sanctuary’s / Healing Event then to Yelm WA / Ramtha Energy . Mt Adams / Eceti Eclipse Event and then MT Shasta’s Inner Earth Portal’s as I come Home Once Again.
I travel in Self with my Heart Held as the road leads me to my destinations and places me as I should be in each moment.

I will be updating as I can as I Travel With
Mary who carries me. Evan the Pleiadian Self and Bothemia my Plasmic Self
scroll down adventure web page for my current quest and past occurrences.

Love You for Being Love as the World Moves Once Again

My Adventure is taking me to this Event, as I Journey once again, inside/ out to find my next Self as I prepare for My Bifurcation as a Observer in All my Timelines. To become Whole again as promised by my loved ones. My guides/ my angels/ mySelves….all are the same….. as they are connected thru refracted reflections of my Consciousness.
‘Jaw-dropping’: Rare total solar eclipse will ‘bring people to tears’
The US is set to experience its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in almost a century on August 21 – giving millions of Americans the chance to observe the rare celestial event.

NASA revealed details and viewing advice for the upcoming eclipse, which will see the moon pass between the sun and Earth, casting a dark shadow and making visible the solar corona – the sun’s normally obscured atmosphere, as well as bright stars and planets.

A total of 14 states from Oregon in the west to South Carolina in the east will experience more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day over a span of almost two hours.


This will be the first total eclipse in the US since 1979 and the first coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918.

The US will be the only country to experience the total eclipse. International visitors, however, are expected to descend on the country for the rare chance to see the sun disappear behind the moon, transforming daylight into twilight.

“It brings people to tears,” Rick Fienberg, a spokesperson for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), told Space.com. “It makes people’s jaw drop.”

At least three NASA aircraft, 11 other spacecraft, and more than 50 high-altitude balloons, as well as the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, will capture images.

“Never before will a celestial event be viewed by so many and explored from so many vantage points – from space, from the air, and from the ground,” Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington said.

NASA is warning potential viewers to put safety first and use specialized solar viewing glasses to observe the non-eclipsed or partially-eclipsed sun.

The space agency says it’s safe to look at the total eclipse with the naked eye only during the brief period of totality, which will last about two minutes, depending on location.

NASA will broadcast live video of the celestial event, along with coverage of activities held across the country in its honor.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The West coast Gateway for the eclipse passage was initiated on Thursday June 8, and fully opened on Friday June 9 with Full Moon Gridworker ceremony on the Oregon coast. Gratitude to those who participated in this opening, both in the physical and the etheric. The passage was opened right at the point where the eclipse path touches land and begins to cross the USA.

Perhaps you noticed the shifting of energies as this Gate amplified over the last week. The eclipse pathway and its metaphoric reflection of the higher unfoldments was immediately apparent. I saw the pathway blasting open, and connecting to the eclipse exit point in South Carolina. East coast Gatekeepers, gather and do the same Now. You’ll need more than three HUmans (we had 13) to open it properly, as the eclipse represents unification across all levels of consciousness.

Eclipse Pathway – Lightworkers open this Now

Our direction to open this eclipse pathway NOW allows the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers.

We will continue to prepare the New Earth Grid for this strong cosmic trigger passage. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers; We are co-creating with this Divine passage and preparing for the maximum effect right now through the Lion’s Gate (8/8) when this Gateway opens.

The August Gateway flows August 4 through August 25, a massive opportunity to engage with the cosmic influx and timeline-shifting frequencies. If you are guided to Gatekeeping or Gridwork along the path of the eclipse, do it now. The energy is there already, we are already in the zone of these massive waves of interuniversal light flows.

Bifurcation of Realities

The linear experience allows for the sensation of frequency jumps and dramatic increases in light quotient, expansion, and awareness of higher levels of Source-as-Self. It appears as more separation as the timelines divide, which is why the ancient texts described it in terms of light-dark, black-white, good-bad, heaven-hell duality. As we experience this prophetic passage, the metaphoric prophecy becomes physicalized in the external reality.

We physically see the rapid increase in divergence in the external; this jump began last September with the Timeline shift. It unfolds as complexity in the lower timelines as political, social, economic, and personal challenges to the status quo. Increased polarization is an effect of the dimensional shift, time collapse, cosmic rays, and magnetic shifts in our Solar system and galaxy. However, the bifurcation of timelines also allows the higher resonation to pop out of the lower entanglements, providing ever-increasing sensations of expansion, divinity, purity and unwavering love as the Primary timeline Gateways open.

Over the years we have witnessed the division of reality choices, even within the Light Tribe. We still see each other in the physical realms, but the vibrational mismatch is becoming wider and wider. Technically, the denser reality has already departed; this is an unfoldment of what has already occurred in the higher realms.

The lower-vibrational chaos is not as physical as it appears, it is there for the collective experience. This is why the Higher vibrational consciousness is able to see through the holographic projections, choose to engage with the creation of New Earth/New Universe, and have much more expansive experiences right now. The higher timelines allow access to your Creator State of beingness, which reveals the larger perspective of the Universal rewrite.

This is also why the lower reality feels surreal, over, done, complete. The collective old template drop-off in September occurred because those lower vibrational realities lost energetic support. Bit by bit, the lower timelines drop away from our experience, and this is occurring at a faster rate as the timeline split unfolds.

I noticed again this week the eerie stillness of the secondary timelines adjusting to the higher frequencies. The sensation of time disappearing or standing still, like during Gateway work. I feel this will become a more frequent occurrence as the August Gateway approaches.

Bifurcation Awareness in the Collective

True comprehension of multidimensionality includes embracing all of your creations, simultaneously. The timeline split is providing a purer experience of your existence outside of the boundaries of time, at a pace of integration which compliments the highest interests of all concerned with Ascension. Our exposure to zero-point states becomes more intense, so we may collectively raise all willing consciousness into the proximity of the Gateways of the New Earth experience. We open the doors and demonstrate what is possible.

A friend wrote that Bashar mentioned a physical splitting of realities in an April transmission, which is interesting since April is when this accelerated timeline split began to occur. (I have no opinion on Bashar, other than appreciating his agreement that Mount Shasta operates as a crown chakra rather than a root.)  The Division of Worlds was placed on the back burner for a while, it is notable how many are tapping into this unfoldment since December. It is clear that a powerful activation of self-realization is upon us, which must be displayed in the physical as resolution of the story of Gaia.

As more Wayshowers and conduits mention this physical representation of the dimensional shift, we are handed the task of demonstrating to Humanity what Embodiment is about. Appreciate this impressive passage; it is a very esoteric, mystical, and spiritual experience.

The grand experiment of experiencing a dimensional shift through the body is the unique thing; we feed this information back to Source. The Universal completion of a creative idea and the birth of a new one is reflected in our present experience. It looks planetary, then Solar, then Galactic, then Universal as our conscious awareness expands to comprehend higher multidimensional aspects of consciousness.

Lower vibrations play with miscommunication, political polarity, social divides, erratic behavior, judgment and emotional reactions. The higher vibrational collective still sees the lower realities but are not attached to it. The lower timelines are like a movie playing in the house at the end of the street; it’s still there, but distant.

The August Solar Eclipse: Use the Solstice Influx

This event is about completion and revelation of the New. It is a strong activator of divine destiny, and the resolution of multiple layers of planetary conflict. This cosmic stargate will sweep from one ocean to the other, crossing North America in the area of the USA. On August 21, this total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from a narrow track which cuts diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina. In the direct path, Solaris’ corona is revealed for 2 minutes. Because the eclipse is a culmination of many multidimensional events, I AM creating a video to pull all of the intel together.

Our Solstice Gateway opens Saturday June 17, with the Solstice peak on Tuesday June 20 at 9:24pm PDT. Intend to open this August Eclipse Gateway Now, to begin to release the Divine encodements within Gaia and ourselves to these ever-increasing reality-shifting frequencies of pure Source consciousness.

Let us share this new level of the Divine HUman experience and provide support for the Solstice by unifying on SUNday through the Unity Meditations. All are welcome to this pure field of consciousness to assist in the Ascension at 8:11amPDT, 11:11amPDT and 5:11pmPDT. Let us show Humanity what is possible with Unconditional Love and Service!

Have a beautiful Solstice week, and use this pristine LoveLight to assist in the highest interests of all concerned with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,


Possibilities of Time in Space

The Universe is One Verse with Many Songs.

Morphing from One’s Self into another Dimensional Self. Moving, exploring and expanding in each Conscious Evolutionary Expression. As the I am moves or visits each level of it’s Being.

The Owl: Journey of the Plasmic Body

Updated Frequently

Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning


The OwlI feel the Drum Beats of War. Time to put on the Power Necklace.

Just as I was awoken 5 yrs ago with a friend telling me I needed a project. I seem to have Received another Call to Action.

I get strong impressions toward this call. My Spirit leaps my energy raises … My hackles are Up.

Best way to promote Peace on Earth is on the Plasma Plane.


Next is on the 4D ethric plane.

Where negativity / Evil is negotiated with. They have terms and make there choices. We respond with Love. They dont stand well In Love. And they do lash out as they change in there own free will. We all have a choice and they all have consequences.

Drum Beat are forming in My Heart as I enter into another lesson in Purpose in My Path.

Time to Stand as I was Placed on Earth to Do. To cleanse Earth….Gaia. As needed and when Approached in Path.

We go to War from within and Cleanse these parasites out from the earthly populations. Bring in Light and Love to those in Need.

I am Excited my Energy is Up and so are My hackles… Lets see what comes of my Higher Energies ramping up in Love against any that control others.

The Clarion Call has been made.

Guardians of Free Will


Its been awhile since my last update. I wrote a comprehensive article last week that disappeared into the Ethernet when a storm rolled in and got distracted. It was deep with meditation but it happens sometimes when you lose everything at once… Lessons in Life

I have been bobbing and sinking sinking and bobbing. A lot of body changes and they always hurt not always in a bad way either. When you know that these are very positive changes and just allow them to happen as they show themselves. Sometimes painful. Losing Density is about the release of emotional discharges that have ingrained into the cells. Yes painful coming in and sometimes painful going out.

“Everything is in place”

3 29 17

Hollow Bone

Radiating the spark from within, as you allow all energies to flow outward. As you pour out, empty all that’s inside you and Watch as the hollow bone envelops and radiates a spark from within. As you flow outward within this spark. Without anything but flow. This Being in the Hollow Bone is You.

 I am Ready, this is the message I get as I start my Day. We live on one of the oldest mountain NE. WA.

Sitting on crystalline quartz granite, Working daily is what I do for my entertainment out here in nature.  As I work on myself on a daily basis.

3 25 17

I get Confirmation almost daily right now that Everyone has Agreed with my current Path Life and Moving  forward. Boethia has been the One mostly in conversation with me. I feel Boethia my newest guide is the One. The MySelf. That I am too Merge with. The Photonic Light-body I am working toward. Evan my Higher Self fully engaged today. agrees that we 3 are merging as One Body.

Mary exudes excitement as we get ready to Travel Again. She confirms that We will take Me Home . Home Again brings tears to my eyes as Loneliness is felt deeply partly because my present past is unknown. Mostly because I am home sick. Fittingly as Our work here is almost done.

I find mySelf the only one who I can talk to me about me. No one understands me. I feel different. My wife struggles to listen but is overwhelmed within the discussions. But I am filled back up with Love to keep me moving, always moving forward. I was not meant to stay here this long. When Mother Mary calls me once more with ” It’s Time” It will be Time for Time to slow down within me as I become Whole Again. 

By me for me of me.

 This is what In Love Of Love By Love / By Time Of Time In Time means.

3 does equal ONE

 22 3 2017



It has been a week of introspection

with a wide range of  of perspectives. From clean energies to the very dirty ones lately. There is still a push back as we release the Earth from control of Beings not of Us and not for Us. This has been going on a very long time. Now it is Time for a change. This change has occurred.

I Know This deeply. We will See a new earth. As we find Our Hearts in Each.

After Seeing a possibility with this Summer’s Adventure of inner and outer earth. This the the only way it makes sense to me. That I travel inside Gaia to Travel outside of Gaia. And of course a epic battle. Why is there always a epic battle.

Since a small child I have fought by Archangel Michael’s side. As an adult Michael has taught me Spiritual warfare extremely well. I do think there is reasons for my Life Long Dreams. 

I dont know but I Will See which timeline I end up on if any other than this one. Inner work is always the key and I get distracted at times.

We are shown the future possibilities more than the current energy streams …timeline…all things are only energy from thought, Including Your Future.


Ever since the Crystalline Grid fully anchored into Gaia recently, I no longer am holding a Pillar of Light as a Conduit between the Earth and the earth’s Grid ( the magnetic ley lines). Over a year I have constantly assisted into the formation of the Crystalline Grid. Now that it is activated I no longer hold that particular  Space for Gaia.


I am only holding My Space at this Time. A am receiving some of the biggest increases in Light, but I am holding it within me.  Expanding in my Light. As we all will start to do now that the grid is in place. All energetic beings will move and shift in the Own Way into the Crystalline Grid for those that can hold all their thoughts in Love. I am not saying being a never ending love machine. Just hold Your Thoughts in your Heart or Heart Presence. Which will Transmute your negative energy into the usable crystalline energy of your matrix. Which you now hold in place.

This is a next level event. We now are Expanding into Gaia Fully. As we activate our Crystalline Grid of Humanity, a Conscious Choice Grid by Humanity. For Us to use with like minded individuals as we connect through the Grid and create in groups of same creations.

Through the Crystalline Laws of Nature of One heart and One Mind. Where all truths are shown at all times There is no curtains to hide behind only your true intentions. This is the next law of nature for us.

As we move from a visible light spectrum in our DNA into a fractal containment of processing information. A Higher Complex of Geometry.

As we move into a Love vibration and then into a Plasmic Grid as we evolve thru the Evolutionary Conscious Universe. Eon to Eon. Shift or start over. Either way you are always held in creations building block foundation in the Frequency of Love.

Love is the Frequency of Creation. a Rainbow in many various forms.



Great Waves Of Energy

I have just been rocked by HUGE WAVES.

As We Go Crystalline

Humanity moves as a Whole. Photonic Light replaces our lower frequencies in mass.

As we move fully into a Crystalline Hologram


 The Earths Holographic Grid is fully Crystalline.

Which allows Humanity as a Whole to shift Fully just as Gaia has done.

Everything within Gaia’s energetic system will change in their Plasmic Body. We all will hold more Photonic Light then ever before as we become less dense in matter and more Loving of ourSelves.

Our bodies have been breaking down and rebuilding from the inside out physically all winter long, so much light being processed on this Quartz Mountain
as we expand our Holographic Matrix and shift with Gaia.
It isn’t easy and can be painful at times, but I am In Love of Love surrounded by my Self ….all is good.



It has been a busy week. Todays meditation on the Congo Vortex was powerful. The Collective was amazing.The poits of Light associated with this meditation was Universal Big…I state that now.

I just remember the vast amount of Clearing than Healing than Expanding the Grid outward as all grew in a higher vibration. I don’t remember much except for many tears as I held and processed and Transformed a new Holographic Grid to work from. A new starting point. Another Victory for Free Will thru Heart

Let me explain to some of my new followers that. We as a Collective are coming Together at Critical Mass right now. The Light is Winning.


As large masses of people with like minded Intentions release density and bring creative and healing grids into place,  the 3D conscious world has a platform. A geometric  holographic Thought Form that allows vibrationally similar people come together. Through a Conscious Grid Network.  These networks are created by the Humans mostly living on Earth at that time.


Today we disassembled a tear and Healed a Rift in Congo’s Vortex, which is the center of the last remaining Negative Hologram remaining. Before the Shift Galactically. We work in the Plasmic then Etheric and into the Physical Planes. If we don’t clear out Every Bodies Higher Bodies Creations that vibrate at a lower density. Than we could not remove the Thought Form and Create a New Collective Grid.

First time in Our History that Mankind has Globally connected into the Universe Consciously as One. Enough people created a Energetic Signal that left the Womb of Gaia into Universal Intent.  Our Voices have been heard as We Stand with the Galactic Neighborhood in Our Right of Self Determination.


2/25/17 afternoon

Crown Chakra Upgrades for the Wife and I today. Yaaaayyy.

Well my wife started having an energy surge around both sides of the Temple and down to the top of the spine. She already had a fever coming and going over the last week and was uncomfortable. She was looking at me like do something for me please, though she never said it, and took an aspirin or something similar.

This is how she felt. 

It not that I don’t want to help with any thing going on with her. But Upgrades are meant to teach you how to allow energy to flow through you and not around you. She never liked my Hollow Bone Method and I stand by it. LOL. Easy or Hard it is going to Happen as it Should for Her. I can only hold space in my Frequency to help her. Well that is best for her for she knows as much as I do in her own way.

Several hours later I get the Same Symptoms except for the fever.

I quickly went into My Heart and stared to allow this Upgrade to take hold deeply and smoothly. I felt this energy spin my Crown Chakra around and around. This was the first time that when my Crown Chakra was spun that I did not move to a Higher Dimensional Door as I like to call them. Instead everything was perfectly clear inside my Crown and Still. Upgrade fully seated.

I feel 

expanded and still expanding outward and evenly around entire Head. Moving nicely.

2/25/17 early morning

It has been One heck of a day. It started with my seeing that President Trump and his daughter has taken a stand.

I spent the morning processing much fear and release of fear all at the same time than guilt and finally Love as always I am never finished hold space with Mother Gaia until it is completed in LOVE.

I am not judging his good or bad here. Just his actions as President. This last week his actions kept me wondering when and if He was going to Take Back America.

Ivanka Trump asked for a Official meeting with the President . The meeting, which took place at 14:30 in the Roosevelt room, was attended by both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as longtime advocates on the issue, such as Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Bob Corker (R-TN.) Dropped the Human Trafficking Globally and more importantly focused on the Greater USA abuse.

One of the charities attending the meeting, Tech Innovation to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation, was co-founded by her husband Jared Kushner.

Trump just CHOOSE SIDES and I expect vast changes in Government spy agencies and political parties if the Purge in stopping the Child SEX Rings Centered in Washington DC. Than just the Bankster’s left to see how Trump defines his history.

Ivanka I was shown, while holding space for the President Elect in protection of him physically, as part of the Work I do . I Saw Ivanka and her father standing together and Ivanka Out Shined President Trump energetically. I was instantly shifted to holding her Fully in a Golden Light which is a Healing Love Frequency and I knew, as her being a Mother in Heart she was going to Do Great Things and I posted this at that time in my  https://spacesofenergy.wordpress.com/.


Its been a weird winter, almost normal but not normal. Everything is Over Done as we release more and more of are Emotional Rescue.

We are being Triggered and activated constantly but most people are so removed from their Self that it takes Big Moments of Movement thru the Heavens and into Earth. As we scream for right and See how wrong We  Each Are, we move forward once again. It doesn’t matter if you have engaged your higher self into your everyday reality or not, we all start Again and Again and Again. Once you can Watch , Observe your actions and the other people around you is when It Gets Easier because you can see out side of the box  and the Physical Earth as just a Point of View.

The New Normal is just settling into the Earths Grid and soon will be Anchored into Gaia. This is how I help on this 3D plane. I hold and amplify these Creation Energies crashing at this time over are Solar System. What is the New Normal? A balance in Light thru Truth on this planet as we begin to see the Truth the real you and know eaches falsehoods. This is how the World Will Change as we watch old world disappear and be remake on front of the Eyes that can See or just wake up in The New Republic, as if you were always there forget the old world completely but still Moving Forward Again.


A new guide and possible shard of the plasmic body? Possibly from a short meditative visit this morning. Going to See more I hope today.

Bogeitha my new name and it wasn’t Evan after all. I am not to concentrate on the name to closely



I have been working with the Rainbow energy for a year now. During my daily meditations that are really just anchoring in the Plasmic Field by adding Photonic Light continuously how ever it is presented to me. Today the Rainbow Bridge or Rainbow came before me. As I saw It Wisped vertically in a moving web. Beautiful in a refracted plasmic light. It came to me so naturally and comfortable as I matched its frequency.

The Rainbow Grid anchored into my DNA’s double helix and opened up the bridge into my Journey of my Plasmic Body.

I work with my Angels in everything I do. As each wave of energy comes thru me, it is another opportunity for me to raise move closer to Going Home. 

Interesting that so many people a calling it Going Home as reference to merging with your Higher Vibrational Bodies.

First the Higher Electro Magnetic Self as a physical human. Our Aura is at the density stage of polarization of the magnetic field. Duality.

Next is the Plasma Body that vibrates it the Photonic Light Spectrum. My current goal. This vibratory level will allow the physical body to rejoin all aspects or memories since the incarnation on the Earth Plane and all the Conscious Memories acquired before the decension into duality. As this form of Being is no longer a split in man woman energies but an Androgynous Being. And this Being is the One that I AM. The One and The Other as One before the split.

 My Destiny of The White Owl. To Become Whole Again. Going Home


I haven’t wrote in a week or so here. I have been going through something I did not understand. I felt like I was being prepared once again to leave this plane without my physical body. I was dying in all sense of the word. I even expressed my concerns , with a chuckle to my wife. This did not make sense. Was I not going to make my August Itinerary?

After several days of this I started to feel the death of all Animals everywhere. Disturbing but at least it started to make sense again. So I start expressing mySelf about animal rights to come. With the joke ” when a cow shows up with an Angelic Being at the  cow  board meetings” which my Wife the Rancher to Be, was Not Impressed with. So we didn’t talk for a day…. or two. Today I again expressed to her that the right people need to be in the right places at the right times and to take Heart in her Mission.

The earth is Ringing and so are It’s people!

Before the elections the Pain of Children flooded my consciousness, with a  note attached to it, What are you going to do about it. This subject of Satanic Child Abuse was raised to my awareness when I was 12 yrs old and has never left my intentions toward life.

I had daydreams of fighting with Archangel Michael and conquering this evil back then. Deep down I was. Now it is time to use mySelf to help ease and soothe and LOVE this Thought Form out of existence and Protect Them.

So I have been doing what a can here and life isn’t always bliss and joy but adds abundance into our lives.

This field of  evil intentions of a controlling reptilian heritage has energetically tried to trick and control my physical self.. (a early life lesson of what power IS. I almost lost mySelf as held onto Jesus while he showed me his unconditional love). Where there is a push back,  there is a Need for an Opening and Healing.

In summary of the last month, I start with the  healing of an Abuse of Children then the Death of My Physical Self to the Death of Animals and now back to the Chaos of the People of Earth. There is So Much to work through.

10 Days of a emotional roller coaster. Being leveled out and healed as I work through these energies. I just do as what comes and keep clearing space to be Held within my Heart. While physically at the same time not attaching to any of these Dense Negative Releases.

It does affect me, but I just work through them… like everyone else in there own way. By bring up the Crap, showing what needs to be healed, and healing the past and present wounds.

The Rainbow on the other Side always shines brightest after the deepest Lessons are just Learned.


Clarity usually comes after these moments of deep releasing. I will need to rework some of the posts on my Blog during this time for I wrote pretty much in the flow and finish my Plasmid Field Effect post I am writing


Above and Below. Inside and Out. Synchronizations here.


I am too connect a Northwest Passage  Leylines thru the Cascadias. Yelm WA.  (Mt Rainier) also I am curious if Ramatha / J.Z. Knight is still there … thru  Trout Lake WA (MT. Adams) visit ECETI… to  Mount Shasta CA. (Agartha)… opening up the Cougar Creek Okanogan Leyline during the process.

Mt Hood is also on my target but unsure how yet because I always have dealt in 3’s but times are Changing as everything is expanding as we enter into the End of the Eon before the great contraction. Yes there is always a contraction into an expansion and ect. How it affects you is Up to You. Working toward expansion is working Out of contraction.

The last Chapter


This morning I was assisted with deeply holding the Downloads of my coming Journey.

A Soul Journey.  Mary and I are going once again back into the Center of my Soul. To walk back into my beginnings as my endings renew into My Aspects of this earth Cycle and emerge as One.

To move as I have dreamed in this lifetime and any other lifetimes on this plane. To Receive the Grace that is part of us all, as all my energies are gathered into one identity of Gary Beer, with Evan hand in hand, moving forward to Join our next Aspect in Light. I will finally remember my full lifetimes as Evan a Pleiadian, Gary the Earthling and into my Greater Light of a Plasma Being.

I wonder what part of the Universe do I currently encompass, As This Being to be understood next, as I return back to Source and morph into a self created Universe.

The Colliding of Worlds

another chapter

Both worlds collide into One. The old pyridine into the New focal point. Bifurcation. The splitting and joining of one a soul From Future Past into the Present. A cycle of 3D.1b9a1543-e022-4868-9194-84872b802706.jpg

Roadways… Bridges… Bilocation
is what we are talking about. Prior to Ascension we are laying the Ley Lines of Remembering our higher vibratory selves. This connection has been disrupted and is now being reconnected in the Plasmic Field. Our highest lightbody.
Science can explain certain aspects of How Christ’s Crystalline Matrix works. It changes the DNA structure which which allows us to absorb or ingrain a higher vibratory structure….Or Self. Mechanics of Conscious thought to dense matter is based on geometric structures. Changing from One Construct of Us to another.
We are laying the groundwork, the bridges to move Smoothly and Consciously between Our Bodies of Self. Prior to the new growth in consciousness. There is no more or no less than yourSelves


Huge Energy Day… when the wife complains I know its BIG and not just me working hard.

Yesterday was a very Uplifting day. I have had a month of very deep heart centered downloads. While Angel and I were watching the New Atlantis vid from Cobra, one of these downloads was activated. I have not unpacked it yet… understanding the meaning which energetically triggers the vibrational resonance. It was triggered by St. Germains secret codes.


Its early Friday morning and I met My next Higher Aspect I am assuming, yes the ass u me syndrome.  For the first time wide awake in 3D. That is, my Plasmic Consciousness or Body.

He came to me seamless and naturally, almost in  a 3D awareness. When I asked for his name I did not get a answer, instead I was told the standard message of “being in the right place and doing the proper things”.

I don’t always get an immediate reply when asking there name, even with the Ascended Masters. I have to work for it sometimes. This is something I use to feel out there energy signal … how there energy flows between us , it is a connection of truth of Each between Each. If open to it. I feel if they are Not open to Heart To Heart communications in truth, than I wont allow any energy exchange.. I shut them out..But it is clear that He was a higher vibrational Being than I, who came to me from above and through my 3rd eye and not just up or into my Auric Field in interaction.

He definitely came from within my Heart as Me meeting Me. This is clear to me. I know my energy and Me very well. Emotional, physically and energetically. Excited to start raising MySelf to meet and Join my Next Body in Light.

1/12/17 is this what I am looking forward into?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-2fh8SUuE4?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]

The Other World

1//8/16 After the game of Hide and Seek we went into the Kitchen, that was on Friday, today is Sunday. Saturday at home in Cougar Creek I was working on a foot issue with embedded wood splinters and I hap-haphazardly sliced the bottom of my foot open. Angel Beer and Cheria were nice enough about the carnage. Angel patched it up and Cheria concernedly chided me about my 3D personality. Adding with love that I will be all better back Home. Another thing I picked up from Cheria is that Mom needs me soon as possible, heart sick maybe or just missing a part of her? Twin Souls Dont know.

Now it is Sunday here and I think we are still on the first day Back Home. We are in the Kitchen this morning Cheria and I. We are talking about food of course and I want to know what is the food like. Protein Cheria says is what they call most foods. Instantly I get a flashback of nasty old protein bars from back on Cougar Creek. After a couple of minutes Cheria brigs me a plate. At first I thought it had a bed of rice on it, but it was just the design of this beautiful china glass plate. On top pf it was an orangish ball of energy looping into its self. Glowing making it seem semi solid. I swallowed it, it rolled around my mouth and down the hatch. I waited for something to happen, nothing but a little hum. Cheria says that there are many types and flavors and are different in design and means.  

1/6/17: Cheria had a Heart to Heart talk with me today. I was told too start behaving like an Adult of my time line. Don’t assume an air of easiness because Mother Mary is Seeing me Home. Cheria reminds me that she See’s as I Do. That she is looking from a higher vibrational perspective and is closely connect to me right now.  Sounded like my Higher Selves point of view. I suppose they have the same seating arrangement with me. Ironic and funny that I feel like my Being is babysitted. So it is Time to wean off the Emotional 3D energy. And Buckle Up Like Evan-higher self- tells me.

Later this afternoon I was notified that “Contracts, Agreements and Means of Completion have opened the Roadway To Our Journey” during a late afternoon vibrational increase,  which come sooner and stronger now. Soul level understandings have been agreed upon is my take on this. I have an August date (not sure what the date actually designates) but I feel that I could Move sooner.

of the 10 percent of my Experiences that I documented. Much was lost during my healing and integrations through this reality. Too much to write, it took away from the next page that I was witnessing  As I weaved mySelf through my created experience, until I found the opening in my Heart, that will eventually make sense of All I have Touched in this Lifetime. Everyday is an new opening and they do get lost day after day, as I choose the Ones to hold on too and react into and place in my Heart. This Is how I create My Own reality.

       The Last Book

                       Going Home

460 (2)

….is the loneliness that overtakes me at times. Especially when I am enjoying the emotional expansion of this dimensional plane. Instead of clearing them from my field. Lately I seem to have clung on this idea of Going Home.  And so the Journey of unraveling my future past starts to unfold.

Ever since my Shadow was joined into the Light body side of this physical 3D plane. When we healed are split from entering into the dualistic realm of a 3D reality called Earth. A 1000 yrs of different karmic reactions of two different paths vying for an outcome that had several possibilities. Surrender in my Spirit was never an option. Death was the last option of bringing Order from Chaos. This merging was to come to a conclusion. A dark or light outcome was at hand. There was balance in hand if even on a minor scale, at this time in this moment a energetic turning point of One soul. The White Owl is written in story but true in every sense of its words, the events happened as told.

I have held my contentions inside,  after the completion of The One and The Other. I had reservations about how the whole reality of what happened on a physical level played out. I was scared. I was confused. Uncertain of the Reality of my Experiences. I dropped all contact with my Guides and worked backwards from  my heart with no one else allowed, as I cried at the feet of Jesus once more. The only Higher Being I hold close in My Heart Always.

I feel that I could have handled if better with better information. I do understand, as far as My Guides were involved. That all the misunderstandings were because of the different perspective values and assumptions of each other’s different dimensional platform. A basic a difference in Needs, Wants and Wishes. I personally think a lot of symbolism was used to trigger geometric openings into my Heart. Symbolizing King David as Me for we both had two souls tied to One. I only know this about King David, for I am a stream of him and he is a stream of me. As we all have multiple Streams of Energy.

A Collective Consciousness of The One and The Other. Ying Yang of the Soul. The Power of the Heart.


The One, The Other and The Order of Light.

The Right and Left Hand Sides of the Bowl

The Two Sticks and the Candle.


These were my first clues of who I really was, a Being of Light. As we all are. While I learned that Shadows are of Self and are as real as your Light and just as important.

That is why Mother Mary’s call of “It is Time” was a call to drop everything Now. So I could enter into a specific time and space at the right time. I would go to Her quickly into our meeting room,  a 5D space we have started from for the last 5 yrs. A planned party into the space of energy necessary to complete my Life Path in this lifetime. These affect many layers of My Past and Present. A Healing of my Timeline . As I look over the last 5- 6 years, I could conclude the this was a Planned Mission from the start.

We had many Lessons in preparation of The One. We would start out as a Group but there forms would quickly melt away and they take would their proper positions in watching and helping as necessary…to them that is. There is a Hierarchy within the Realm of Angels that you can begin to See after working with many different individuals over 20 yrs.

I am used to walking in the dark, completely in the Dark until I find my the keys and triggers and I wait and See. I feel the energy streams coming to me and I interact with authority and react through my Heart without waiver… this is how you survive. Mostly removing entities from specific areas. I was taught in spiritual warfare… and I have never been matched so far…. or even close except for The One. Even against a nasty Coven as  I fought from my Merkaba for the first time. My Angels would transmute my attacks and taught me how to Fight in Light and Love. Not to harm or to destroy but to bath them in Light in Change , it was up to them the outcome. Some where Healed and some choose not too. Most of the time it was not my clean up duty and was finished as necessary in the Greater Good of All. Some occurrences I had to see to the end result. What a catch phrase Greater Good of All. I have lived a harder and fuller life in Self for It. As I learned the True Power is Love. Not from violence as I cleared a 100 yrs of negativity from Toroda Mt. Where I had moved. I started in my backyard and worked out into Gaia as a whole in a Expression of Self remembering.

A Time Jump is a possible explanation for my present timeline. My Anchor Home was shown to me on New Years Day and is a 9 yr old Daughter named Cheria. I see her and I react with Her. Right now. Its complicated. We See each other at the time I left on this mission. For when we meet, it will restart from when we first we parted. No lost time, just Dual Memories of the time apart. The two timelines of memory will pass quickly as we settle back Home. Not long in time. Cheria is blonde hair and blue eyes about 4 ft tall and 9 yrs old. Cheria told me much of this information, while stating that “having two memories is a special gift and can be confusing at times but fun too!” She also told me that I won’t See mom until I come back … that Cheria is my Anchor  Home. We started a game of Hide and Seek, it was Her Idea…I think. So I am stumbling around a Home I do not remember and it is Very Dark. I hang on to the few moments a clarity as the room almost is perceivable. This was Cheria’s intention, for me to Remember… to bring in my old timeline and Hang On to Her.

So when on New Years Days 2017,  Mother Mary’s “It is Time” call came in I was ecstatic. I chatted without Thought of why I was called and quickly was asked to Pay Attention.

So it starts again


This is the most effective culmination of New Age Wave Transformation Energies I have experienced so far in this lifetime, I have spent the early morning hours releasing dark sticky densities that I have accumulated since birth on this timeline of a deep control of humanity. This sticky black goo is its residue, the imprinting energy of lies and falsehoods being released.


The good news is that it is a Blanket Release of Negativity of Humanity from a millenia of control with layers of imprinted negative energies into the collective consciousness. I have not had to “Feel” the independent triggers as they are being released… It is just one giant blanket of heaviness being pulled back. A Positive Note… I was able, during this morning’s clearing. to move past the Deep Emotional Releases and push further into expanding my vibrational signature.

It was a very Emotional Body clearing today, to say the least. During my work on myself and Gaia as a whole today, I was able to Anchor my biggest Imprint into the 7th Dimensional, League of Light by the Right of Arch Angel Michael. I filled this space time with a “brightness” filling my desired timeline as Bright as any Sunrise. A Nova of a New Beginning as light was brought to darkness. This timeline is my life path fulfilled as  I Joined my Shadow (as documented in my book The White Owl under the chapter The One and The Other and the Order of Light)….The darkness that lie in the Order of Light, was an extension of mySelf. A Self of my opposite in light. A darkness that was ingrained a thousand years ago, brought back into ONENESS through LOVE and in my inevitable death. A death I never faltered from as I was prepared and Taught for over a year on a ongoing daily basis for this encounter of a undetermined outcome .Working with the higher aspects of myself, unquestioning the inevitable death from the expansion of joining both aspects as One. A real physical death that I never waived from. Even in my battle with The Other and he questioned my willingness to lose all in Our ReJoining. I did not falter for a instance and through unconditional love we merged as a giant being encompassing the Earth and I was unable to move back into my physical form, as Mother Mary carried us away to be healed as One. I new no more. I died. Than was brought Back Home Again as I woke up Whole with Shadow as One.


I have been up for almost 24 hrs and still wide awake though my eyes are very tired. This has been an amazing experience as far as Energy Integration. It started with the AI interference cranked just before the wave hit. I was crushed with the New Round of Light Pulses starting now and culminating in August. So I am crushed between these Two Energies, the lower infra sound to lower my vibration against this finely tuned Bliss Bomb. And my cells released a heaviness that was lifetimes old. I flicked this residue off my fingers like black goo, as I shook off the dense heavy energy leaving my Aura. The only other time I have been surrounded by a 7D energy is when brought into this higher realm with Arch Angel Michael. Mother mary also has raised my cellular vibration to this level several times as she keeps her promise of always being there even when my other teachers were not allowed. She is my Mother in all aspects and will always be there in my deepest needs… and has been. Back to this Emotional Body Clearing…wow.. emotions just leaving my cellular structure. Unidentified and unattached. A 101 manual for leaving the 3rd density or consciousness. This is coming Your Way so be aware. You cant even hide underground from this process of becoming a higher vibrating Being.My wife Angel Beer always acts like nothing is going on

Its complicated and complex. I have a wife I love and who puts up with so much of my life and holds me and coaches me thru my hardest times. Always open and rarely questioning my sanity except for when outcmes were not clear and dangerous. Angel Beer has the ability to meet me in my 5D meeting room with my Guides. I have meet her there. A very special person . A Earth Mother who will never leave this plane. My complete opposite in completion. My anchor into this 3D plane, to come back to. A part of me as I expand.

A Daughter who has been away for 6 yrs and we plan to make up lost time in a year and a half. Alysha is a part of me and she will find me.. inside if she does the work.  I cannot stay here, it is very clear. Well I can but with to many attachments and to much would be … not lost, just unknown.

My Soul Journey in August will have solutions for all and choices will be made. Even changes in the 7D as I FEEL another jump after I Come Home to them.  This is not finished here.

But “It is Time”. This used too send shivers down my 3D spine, just a little loosening up as I released my 3D Mind. It was Time to move on. The 12/18/16 energies had primed me, just as I was wondering why I had not been Hit Hard yet with the New enegies…. We were waiting for the right Pulse, one that I aligned with.

As Mother Mary asked me to “Pay Attention” as a Brown Wraped Gift Box taller than wide wrapped up to the top in a twist was in her Hands, as I was downloaded energentically. I usually know of the energys intent,I had been taught to Read Energy Streams…

This is another clue to my Time Jump. Arch Angel Michael spent a way over a year in 2011-13 teachng me How to  Read and effect energy streams, create bliss bombs and “controlling My Aura so Nothing Else could”.

….  I always feel the intent of my downloads but not today and I felt it could take some time to unpack this new energy inside me.. I take in the moment and go to Mother Mary because I seemed to sense a offishness. I felt she my not be completely on board with my gifts. So I asked her about my feelings and as she looked at me I knew she was Just Humbled in bringing this to me. As I realized this, the Box unraveled from the top and opened up. Transcendence was this gift. So I would stop focusing on my non- death in this life. To move forward as I Needed Too.

A gift that many will be recieving this August as I am not the Only One Going Home in this first wave Back Home. Ascenion is a Earth born symtom and I could reach that pinticle with the proper dedication. But the deck is stacked espeacially against the Light Warriors, who are focused in attacks of non- self determination from the time our Light shined on this planet in birth. A gift in a Balance of Light as all things shift to the center eventually. Not a free ride. We put all on the line for others in Love, as all should and most do. Many of us are Going Home thru the gift of Transcendance.

I saw a liitle girl. Cheria.

I had already been anchoring into my old 7D timeline with my Knighting into the Order of Light by Arch Angel Michael. The highest dimensional accurance I had managed to intergrated with some success . Not fully but able to match the frequencies, at first with Michaels help and then I was able to access this arena fairly easily.

So I had started from when I stood up from my Knighthood into the Order. Hands are all around clapping and cheering. I walk forward down the road into a city. The sun rises with the intensity of a Nova and at this time and believed I found my Anchor home and felt success, for a long time. I see The City  it as if from above at first then into the streets.

images-20  A modern city with mini skyrises mostly glass in appearance. With the Flora likened to Seattle WA but more deliberate.  This was as far as I would get and I was very satisfied that I had found a Trigger into my desired timeline, as had been my intention. Until Mother Mary came to me and said.. “It is Time”…and  creating a timeline changed into Reality.

As I left the streets and into a House, my house, but I had not yet figured this out until

I saw a liitle girl. Cheria.

On NewYears Eve, and she knew who I was.

and we still are playing Hide and Seek. Hopefully not for long.

It’s the 4th of January 2017. Its minus 12 today and I am snuggled up in my easy chair, that wobbles a little too much, when Miaa our cat jumps up on the arm. Fully covering it with her 23 pound body. Miaa used to lay on my stomach during my meditations, but she doesn’t fit anymore. But she was there during the important early years here on Cougar Creek, laying on my Heart Center as I spun it into a vortex for the first time.

Miaa hasn’t been the same since, she has more of a understanding but with an attitude .

And neither have I.  And probably the same.


Lately I have been with Mother Mary, a little with Archangel Michael. Michael is my father,  you could say, He adopted me. I have not been a prodigal son to his chagrin. Mother Mary completes my parenting. She came in at the last moment and gave me the teachings to be successful in merging with my Shadow,

The One- King David. The Other- I know as only Myself and Evan- my higher perspective fully participating. A Split Healed. A Dimensional Split in Ying Yang. The Standard Good and Evil. A battle for One Soul Of Many.


The Many Gifts of Mary 2017: I do not no Why, Mary holds me so Dear, except for her promise 5 years back to never let me go, when I followed Her and Led her to the center of My Soul.

I was Blessed once more after receiving transcendance on New Years. Today Jan 4 2017 Mother Mary Promised to bring me Home. To journey with me to the Completion in Duality. To  walk to my Front Door with me. I weep in Happiness in is very moment as I write, as it still is being deeply placed into my Heart. This I will hold on to dearly, through times of down is up and up is down. If I am shaken to the Core like last time we Journeyed.

Or it might Be just as my mother Mary said “I will See You Home Again. So Enjoy Your Time here and relax, unwind and let go of letting go” My wife Angel Beer knows about my many, What Ifs and Should Haves, when looking back during the times I could not See the way Forward. Which is always the Wrong Place to Look. Instead of Forward. Angel Beer knows and feels much about me. She is one the losing her Love and her support going into the later yrs in her life. There has always been in my Contract, because I do and have made agreements to move forward as I have, to accomplish my Mission. Angel my Wife is Promised to be Held Closely in my Stead and Angel knows this too. But has never said Such a Thing to Me. These things are so hard sometimes and at times are just not fun. As my Heart here breaks for missing my Daughter Alysha. I haven’t seen her in 6 yrs for she made a mistake. And is waiting to make up lost Time in just another year. My Heart Breaks for Her. For she is a Part of Me. And will come Home to Me, if She does the Work. I guess we all have lessons and triggers to Chase. I Love You Alysha Beer. And Always I am watching YOU. come talk to me. My Heart Breaks once again. Now I know why Tears of Joy and Sadness come so quick and strong thru my Emotianal body, when Alysha is invovled. There is all ways an attachment on the Other Side. Alysha here Cheria there. My Emotional Body holds both tight.

My streets Back Home do look more defined as I spent more time with Cheria. who has sandy blonde hair olive skin and blue roundish eyes of 9 yrs old….. traits of a hybrid. 


Just as yesterday I spent all day watching both Worlds, while I was engaging into my Crown. It blew wide open an unfolding of my flower once again. Similar to my Heart 6 yrs ago, as it started opening up last night. But this time I felt no shock waves thru time. I don’t think this will attract a Black Hat Man to sit in front of my house for 3 days, as they did the first time I fully activated my Vortex. My personal time machine or more accurately the No Time Machine of My Heart. It seems I am sitting in the Shadow side of light on this current timeline of Earth. Makes sense for a perfect place to find and engage your Shadow. But this is done and as I see both worlds at the same time this evening of 1/4/16. They hold a different light, and the other World does pull harder than this one. As I See. As I stay inside my Heart.

I found Cheria in the closet. “I bit easy but we will try again later” she tells me, as the 7D image jumped into my awareness and I had clarity completely for a moment. 1/5/17. Except when I tried to look deeply into her face I was unable too at this time in time.

Mission August 2017: a journey into earth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOX6k5XosiQ?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]


I have been called to Mt Shasta next summer in some sort of Meeting or diplomacy type of function. Probably I will receive some clear instructions and tools about the upper and lower Earth’s merging as a Total Planet Alliance. I am hoping at this point physical interactions are on the schedule. Either way I will be ready and available on site. This is occurring during one of the biggest plasma field bomb explosions on record. It just entered into our Sun and into the Earth’s Magnetic Field on 12/28/16 that will reach its peak during this call in August of 2017. I am assuming the timing has to do with the energetic influx that will help align the energy fields within the planet.


I am excited with the possibilities of many people of different talents ascending upon Mt Shasta during this time or from your current locality. I will have my Heart open to connections on a personal scale as I move forward on my Path. This is a Vortex opening up Permanently, it could be described as The Veil Lifting right before the big Event or Movement in Dimensionality. It is a  Opening between the 3rd and 5th dimensional awareness. A major clearing opening up the potentiality of The Event. Ushering in of the Event.


The post will change often in progress

1/6/17: Cheria had a Heart to Heart talk with me today. I was told too start behaving like an Adult of my time line. Dont assume an air of easiness because Mother Mary is Seeing me Home. Cheria reminds me that she See,s as I Do. That she is looking from a higher vibrational perspective and is closely connect to me right now.  Sounded like my Higher Selves point of view. I suppose they have the same seating arrangement with me. Ironic and funny that I feel like I am Being Babysitted. So it is Time to ween off the Emotional 3D energy. And Buckle Up Like Evan tells me.

Later this afternoon I was notified that “Contracts and Means of Completion have opened the Roadway To Our Journey” during a late afternoon vibrational increase, which come sooner and stronger now. I have an August date but I feel that I could Move soon.

The White Owl

images (9).jpgA Collective Consciousness of The One and The Other. Ying Yang of the Soul. The Power of the Heart.


The First Book

tab 71214 016.jpg

By Gary Beer

It was the love of Mother Mary, who carried me to The Center of My Soul, as my duality on this earth plane ended and brought me back home, whole as one again to fulfill the promises made to my wife.

The White Owl

This is a True Story;

The Story of a Family Crest

One of Family Name

One of Generations

One of Abductions

Of Fear and Remembrance

Lessons Of:

Controlling one’s Emotions

Expanding one’s Consciousness

Stepping Outside of the Box LITERALY

It was early May; there had been some bright and shiny days but always with a promise of showers. It is a very quiet and peaceful time of the year. It was a beautiful May in its own right, with only a few visitors’ at the resort this early in the season. The resort has an old and rustic feel to it. You can imagine the early settlers cutting ice from the lake in the winter, to keep the game and fish from spoiling during the hot days of July and August. Children would play in the lake during those hot days, as they enjoyed the short summer of North Eastern Washington.

The Owl flew to Cailen from across Spring Shores Lake.

Cailen sat by the private little dock, a gentle breeze broke the surface of the water as the reeds blew gently back and forth on the Lake. The Bass were just waking up after a long and cold winter and the Trout were aggressive and hungry as they jumped out of the water. The trees are plentiful with just enough space between them to feel secluded and alone. The resorts map did not show the campsite Cailen had chosen in the location it should have been. Therefore, in some respect he was hiding or just hidden. The only ones that would have even noticed Cailen during his stay would have been the other campers, except Cailen was the only one. Two cabin rentals were the only other visitors at the time. Cailen thought that this would be an appropriate place to sort out a very puzzling time of his life. A puzzle he had played with for as long as he could remember. However, Cailen was just now realizing it.

Cailen lives in a small community outside of Seattle. He rarely ventured very far away from his home, especially not alone, but this week was different. When his comrades were unable to join him on this trip, Cailen decided that he would go on this journey, by himself. He convinced himself that maybe this was what he needed to put his life into perspective. Maybe to try to understand what it is that has been influencing his dreams and fears, a journey into to his mind, his heart and soul.

He traveled the distance from his hometown to a nice little place called Spring Shores. It took at least half the day to get there; it is not an easy drive with the rush and beat of the big cities. The Resort is nestled in the mountains, not far from the Pacific Northwest Trail on the southern Canadian border. Fresh crisp air blows over the mountains, sky and lake to transform the guests into a healthier and happier state of being. The Fishing and hunting is as good as any. The lakes and mountains transition to desert going west toward the town of Tonasket. Half way there, driving from Spring Shores brings you to Hanging Rock. This is the point where Altitude and barometric pressure creates what I deem as the decent to hell. The temperature and the density of the air changes, as you round the corner of Hanging Rock. It is as if, you pass through a curtain between two different spaces. It reminds me of when I enter my doors, to connect with the things that most do not see, as I am pushed to “get to work”.

The area is abundant with wildlife. Rarely, a cougar will run through the campsites, during the hot days of summer or the coldest of the winter days. Then there is the occasional bear, looking for an easy meal. It is the beginning of the season for the local residents working at Spring Shores. The people that work there are as diversified as one could imagine in such a small community. In general, ideas and thoughts of the world are not the same for the population that tends to levitate to the outermost reaches of what I consider, the only sanity that there is in the United States. The only natural state of living today is in nature. You have the homesteader’s that have lived there a hundred years or more and all the others that try to mimic them. You still have a large population of people who just want the government and family to leave them alone. Many are the lost souls whose path has been scattered. This is even true for me. I cook dinners a good portion of the nights there in the restaurant. In my case, as part of the diversification, which I bring, I do not blend much and I definitely do not mimic others. The man, who works on my days off, recently married the woman who had the desire to run the Lake Resort business out of the federally owned land just 3 years prior. The cabins, restaurant and few basic out buildings are all that comprise it. Just in the last few weeks before Mother’s Day, the amount of work and money it took to open up was enough to wake up and motivate the family of Spring Shores after a long cold Tonasket winter. The snow pack was non-existence and the cold seeped deep into the ground sometime after Christmas last year. The pipes both water and sewer froze with it. The recently remodeled cabin above the shop burned down. The cause of this disaster was a fire made in the wood stove that stood in the corner of the shop. A family dog was lost in the fire along with most of the tools and the log splitter. The linens burned with the bunkhouse and out buildings that held supplies used for of the resort. Fire trucks that were called for never showed as expected. It is 27 miles from either the town of Republic or Tonasket. Rumor has it, and there is always a rumor in Wauconda, that the Fire Crew of Republic was checking on a gas leak at the Wauconda Meeting Hall, which is in the County of Okanogan. Spring Shores is eight miles down Bunch road. The call to respond was received but the fire crew never arrived or dispatched because Republic is in Ferry County not in Okanogan County where the fire was burning. The dispatch operator relayed this fact to the Resort. The meeting hall is not in Ferry County, where the fire crew was.

The Resort was, put back together and new water pipes installed. The season opened only a couple days late this year, a fine achievement for the cast and crew of Spring Shores, and to top it all off, the dock received a new deck and railings. Josie now sits with me on the dock, before, she was afraid of stepping in a hole or turning an ankle. Time this summer with Josie has been special, and we make the most of it. We fit in as much love and smiles that we can, without busting up laughing. For time does seem short these days. At the same time for each one of us, Josie and I have never been happier and feeling more accomplished with even a small bit of satisfaction that has come our way.

I had been working only a few days, when Cailen walked in for a bite to eat. It turns out to be the only meal that I served him during that particular stay at the lake. He was Irish true and through. His voice could be a haunting whisper or a booming laugh if needed to be, as he told me about himself. Bonds were forged and friendships made during those few short evenings as Cailen sipped beer, and I worked on the other side of the Bar as The Black Hat Cook at Spring Shores Restaurant. Not much food was required those nights, just good conversation! Once again, I found myself talking about things that are…not secret…but not conversed about so easily with strangers. However, Cailen was different, so easy to talk to, willing to listen with an interest in the ideas and opinions I offered. That told me, he was searching for something. This insight that I might be able to help him, of me being one of the few that could, we both thought it possible. I am always more, than willing to explore, the possibilities of life with an interested party. For me this was an opportunity to start moving forward again. Last year, after having my existence expanded past my comfort zone, in the completion of collecting the pieces of myself, thru the Order of Light.

Scares that I received on that journey were part of my healing. I was covering my tracks and hiding in a world that confuses most, including other worldly visitors or more accurately interlopers. We all have energy signals that most beings are able to read. Most earthlings cannot see these vibrations of energy that run through all things. Some can use this feature to mask their feelings and intent, reminds me at times of intense poker players trying not to show emotion and fear. The interlopers only look for fear and pain not love and faith, which act like a repellent against them. I was retreating to the mundane rhythm of eating, sleeping and working. I was not licking my wounds, just trying to be unnoticed.

Until one day Trinity, my friend and co-worker, said. “A project is what I need” I poetically called it, The Redemption of the Slug.

Cailen confided in me, questions at first, possible commitments between us at the end. Cailen asked me about demons, Jesus as well and if I believed that, such things existed. I told Cailen about my first encounter with a demon, how Jesus saved me through the love of my Savior. It took twenty years to understand and start the healing of my etheric body that transforms the human body. After a demon enters into the spiritual mind of the unprepared adventurer, as had happened to me, it took my unrelenting love of Christ to break this grip. The Demon was removed it from my physical body, but he attached himself to my etheric body.

The first act of love and loyalty towards me by Arch Angel Michael was the Blessing of Self. He plunged his sword through my crown and into my heart center, my soul light, which removed this demon from my being. Michael also was showing me, by his act of opening up and clearing my energy pathways, that I was worthy of this world and connected to him. That is when I had my first glimmer of who I was. That attempt to control another earthly being backfired as I learned my lessons and searched for who I am.

We talked about things that do not seem real to most people, ghosts and fairies and my trust in angels who walk with me. Of what magic is made of, the creation of miracles and when the grace of god is given. That we are as important and powerful as any other being that exists, the right of our own self-will and the Love of Christ for all. I instilled a measure of faith and hope into Cailen as I recounted my experience with the “Order of Light” and “The One” to Cailen.

He, in turn told me about a dream, a dream that he had several times in the recent past about a glass box on a ship, it was a cell, with Cailen in it! He had not given this dream much thought until one night; he walked into his bedroom, and saw there, a Squat Furry Brown 3-4 ft. high being with huge oval black eyes! No, this was not a dream, as much as Cailen wished that it were. Once the creature realized Cailen was looking at it, it dissipated from Cailens view. This event triggered memories; he had a new awareness of manipulation of his self -being. After listening to his recollection and questions, the answer was quite clearly one of abduction. Cailen knew, but never had the courage to admit this to Him. Let alone a total stranger like myself, but this time he did both.

I asked Cailen if he knew who his angel was. Cailen said he did not, in his Irish accent that is sometimes funny and humorist and other times like a voice in the past as this time was.

While in bed after the second day of are conversations, I Asked Michael to tell me who Cailens angel was. I felt the answer more than heard it, which is usually the case in are communications. It was My Angel, Arch Angel Michael. I felt a deep connection towards Cailen. The type of feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like there has been a long history with him that you cannot put your finger on. I saw what Michael was saying, that Cailen was another piece of my puzzle with the connection of kin.

I knew Cailen was special to me then, with more promise than he knows. I am like him. Early in our lives, while still young and unknowing. Sought out and used on paths not of our best interest. Tried and tested by the unseen aspects of another dimension, controlled not for the highest good of one’s self. We willingly detached ourselves from of the Love that protected us.

These energies flow through the dimensions. We can see those who interact with us from within these flows, that we insist do not exist. So wake up now and own your own self-right of existence. Negative dimensional beings seem to gravitate toward this Earth plane. They manipulate our emotions so they can feed off the negative energy that they created. I Told Cailen none of this on our next meeting only that I knew who his angel was.

After the owl visited him while he was sitting by the private dock that set on the shore next to his camp in the early dusk of the evening before. Cailen waited for me to start my shift the next day. Shortly after I settled in behind the grill, Cailen sat down on the stool in front of me, as he had for the past couple of days. He told me he was leaving. I asked why and Cailen responded with the pat reply he decided to tell me. He needed to get back to work. It was Memorial Weekend, I saw it for it was, just an excuse. Something was wrong. We had been making great gains into the truths of the puzzle that was his life. I told Cailen that indeed he did have an angel. He gave me a sheepish grin that glowed red from his Irish complexion and replied, “I know it’s Michael”. I in a queried voice asked him” have you ever allowed Arch Angel Michael to talk and work with you”. The answer was no, so I suggested Cailen give Michael permission to do so. I told him that our Arch Angel Michael was unsurpassed in all assemblages. I related to Cailen that I have even given Michael my free will and permission to move me forward in my path of life. However, I do not recommend this to anyone. My life has changed completely and it has not been easy. Cailen asked me if he could tell me something and never repeat it. I only asked him, what was it that he wanted to say. Cailen knew I was writing a book. I even let him read parts of it to show Cailen what could be possible of him. I do not want to violate his trust. I value the friendship we have made, so I keep his identity a secret.

Cailen confided in me that the owl visited him just about dusk the evening before. When Cailen saw the Owl, he felt that it was an image placed in his mind. He believed it was what They wanted him to see, not what was real. He was being warned that They were watching him! He felt that our conversations were to blame for this visit. He decided to leave in the morning. I expressed my hope that he would wait to leave until I came in for work the following day, and he said he would. We exchanged emails and phone numbers. Cailen left early the next morning, I have yet to reconnect with him as of this writing.

I saw how Trinity was right. I needed a project. I also saw, how this chance meeting with Cailen, was also right. It seemed to accommodate two life paths, not a destiny, but of needs being met, as the energies of Life’s Mirrors are attracted toward each other. Forward I proceeded, as last year. Almost exactly one year ago, I experienced lessons that moved me out of my comfort zone and my protection area. The truth of my own existence once again was expanding my mind, body and spirit. “Hopefully” I joked with my wife Josie “that I won’t have to die this year”. Last year was a very eye opening experience to say the least.

With Cailen gone it was time to keep my word. I would do what I could to help him. I lay down by my wife’s side as I settled into bed that evening. I did as I had promised. I would send The Order of Light for Cailens protection. My monks responded immediately to watch over him. Protection of family lines not only for Cailen but also for me, I soon would find out why row after row of my now Grey, no longer brown, Robed Monks responded to my call.

Delving into Cailens energy streams with the intention of gaining what was haunting him. I reached out and connected myself to Cailen and blended are fields of thoughts, to find out about the origin of his family’s generational contacts. They came to me. Fast and furious was there response, as They tried to push my intention away from Cailen.

It has been 8 months since I stood up against a wrong toward Humanity as a whole. As Individuals allowed there Sacred Right of Self Determination of who they are, to be taken away or abused by fear.

I had nothing to gain personally by helping Cailen. In fact the opposite would hold true. I opened up a so-called, Can of Worms, toward a Race of Beings that stand as One collectively. They believe controlling another is not wrong. I exposed our inherent right of free will, about and toward them. I claimed Cailen as mine, a part of the same heritage that I carry forth prior to any Agreement made. The truth of my claims negated there original contract of Future Son’s and Daughter’s. It mattered not to They, as we stood in conflict and war was in there minds.

However, through negotiations from governesses that I did not know existed. That does govern to some degree, the interactions between the different dimensions of Beings. We agreed to let Free Will make its choice. After several days of compilations with Michael, Mary and Gabriel. so I disconnected my energy streams. Threats toward my Lines of Family, as They were willing to trade one for one, did not influence my reluctant retreat. In fact it made me want to stand firm, to protect my own. Cailen allowed fear to rule his heart. I still have issues with this because instilled fear is not Free Will in my mind. Nevertheless, as a Bigger Logical Picture it still was free will,

I will one day soon I hope share the details, once the Veils lift further and their negative energy becomes less available on our New Earth Plane as a whole. As of today, I am held in check not to re-enter into my dialog, even past tense because there is no time or space in this matter, and I do not break my truce at least not today.

The White Owl sits on Arch Angel Michael’s right shoulder.

During the last days of June my wife Josie, had what most people would think of as a vision. It was a thought-form created and given by her guides, one of clarity of a misunderstanding by me, about the white owl. I had jumped to conclusions without putting in the work to find the truth. This vision was of a book. A very old, book with heavy covers, fine calligraphy and depicted borders, Josie described it as European in style. In her vision, the white owl of light flew over the book. It opened to a page that appeared to start with a large ornate W, then flew and landed on the right shoulder of an angel of great stature who hands where clasped on the hilt of a sword that touched the ground before him. It was Arch Angel Michael, a brother, father and my kin. The white owl of light is a guardian of those whom Michael holds tight. Was this book one of old family history, or could it have been the actual Akashic Records of Cailen. Cailens angel is Michael. The White Owl of Light is a warning of a coming intrusion; The Owl is a sentinel of Cailen, by his Angel Michael whom it sits upon the right shoulder of.

With this understanding maybe now, I will be able to connect with Cailen as we bring forward the truth. Josie my wife has the ability to collect information that is as important, as the energy streams, I am able to manipulate that run thru all of us.

The molding of one’s personal energy streams is how magic is used and miracles created.

Chapter Two:

The One, The Other and The Order of Light.


The Right and Left Hand Sides of the Bowl


Shadows of self are as real as your light and just as important.


This is a story of entering into to the heart of my soul, returning completely as one, from Duality into Singularity.

God endowed Melchizedek,

This endowment was to move the people forward to a more singular stream of life. By joining the church and state into one office, so people could live a less dualistic state of life. In this case, Melchizedek held both offices. In fact, the controlling influences in today’s world have used this same exact strategy, not for the growth of humankind, as was the original intent, but for only the control of humankind. Once the church and state placed the laws of control in place, they once again separated them. Moses did so, when he declared the law of church and state is separate. Moses’s Law, was done in Love for the people and does not supersede the law of Melchizedek.

How do I know this about Melchizedek…only what I have seen about myself…a bit of consciousness of him and of David, also who I am. I first time I was introduced into the energies of this consciousness, was on an early February day. After I my first Dolphin Brain Balancing Chamber of Light, which was also a healing of my Brain. That saved my life on that Super bowl morning. I brought in my father, Arch Angel Michael, to honor and to show my love for him. I do so by bowing on the ground at his feet. Michael, who always picks me up off my knees and brushes me off, and insists that I am his equal, Gabriel says so to. I bowed before Michael, as I honored and thanked him for all he has done for me. I kneel as my forearms and palms of my hands touch the ground, with my forehead resting on them. I ask Michael that all I do would be in honor of him and not of me. Michael placed the tip of his sword on the top of my head, and said “Granted”. I waited for him to remove the tip of his sword so I could stand up by his side, as he always insists I do. As I patiently waited for Michael, I heard- Templar Sect. No, Temple Sect, no not right, Te-M-Ple Sect, closer, but not sure.

The Collective Consciousness of Melchizedek


4,000 yrs. ago, I lay on pillows of silk that are as ornate as any King had lain upon. The pillows rest on marble which craftsmanship was not wasted. My wife of two-life time’s ago is by my side, she was the one I was trying to find and the connection between us. I found her and the answers that I had asked my angels to show me. She was the one I wanted to know about and why I felt so close to someone that I barely knew. As always, the answer was also my door that I so desperately needed to open. The question I had been trying to remember for almost 40 years. Who I was in my past lives? Now I know the last two. Evan and The Other. Evan who is this life’s shadow, my higher self that I have merged fully with, by my raising of the vibratory rate on a cellular level so that are energies could vibrate as one, Evan has walked in and is part of me now. The Other, is this chapter of my story.

As I lay as the Lord Melchizedek, being fanned with branches of palm, by my people. As I eat fruits, drink wine, and laugh with the love of that lifetime, my companion. The connection between her and I was pure, pure of heart, as it was for all the people who lived under my rule, everyone was happy. I felt this through my heart and knew it to be true.

The vision was short but full of life. I found more than I could have asked for, answers of a lifetime.

I met a person from a past dream of a distant life that I had not discovered in this life until now.

How was I going to inform my current project at the time, that I found the connection between us and lay it before her without incurring the wrath and jealousy of this life’s husband? Most people cannot separate the feeling of spiritual family and earthly feelings because we immerse ourselves in physical illusion. The truth is easy to tell, the trick is the timing as Mother Mary taught me, as witnessed by Josie and Squirrel, when Mother Mary called to me and said, “It’s time” on Father’s Day of Last Year just days before I died.

Therefore, I told the truth as I told the history of us. This history is important for her to be whole, for her to collect her pieces back as I did. Because she is dying as I was and needed to find the truth as I did, so she can save her life also. She walks as a wounded solider since she refuses to find the truth of herself. Even as I try to heal her, today my angels tell me she is not ready. Her story, I feel will be my next end, but not my Final End of the story. As my circle closes, Josie still keeps me home, even today she dreams her wishes and adds her intentions to keep me home, whole and safe. Josie’s wishes have a tendency to be honored by those Josie walks her paths with. There is always hope that my time will not pass until Josie’s lesson of this life is learned as she passes thru this lifetime. Everyday this summer we hold our love for what we have become here on our sanctuary, as we bask in each other’s glory and light. I do not know when it is my time to pass thru this plane of life, and I do not want to know. It is not far away to be sure. My circles close. Against all odds, I read my Ka Template and saw Ascension as a possibility of this life and it is becoming the truth. This is a truth too fantastical to make up, of how life contracts are completed.

Te-Em-Ple Order of Melchizedek

As I was pondering the words and meaning that I heard, my body was infused with a different vibrational energy than I have not experienced before. A natural energy since we are vibratory creatures. As Michael said these words, these thought forms called forth a group of monks, brown robed and hooded. I say called forth since that is how I perceived it. Their energy and light was already present. I was allowed to notice them, allowed is not the right term. I was lifted up to a higher frequency by the energy Michael blessed me with and the veil lifted as I was raised to a Higher Dimensional Reality that I still today work through.

As I looked at them, I noticed a layering of the robes that hid their faces. I felt no emotions from them. This told me that they hold themselves tight, no telltale signs of any thought or direction. No desires or fears that would allow any being perceive who they are. Just a neutral state of being, one of deep oaths and vows taken, all tasks are just as equally important.

Once I opened up my heart to them I felt a sense of both jubilation and doubt, curiosity abound them all. I felt great waves of expectations flow through me. I understood what Michael expected of me. To be a part of The Order of Light, which is the name I gave them. That is how I learned to work with them, thru my heart with bolder fuller thought forms than I was required to do with Michael and Gabriel. My guides always seem to anticipate my reactions with one of their own. So that I never run out of questions or get an infinitive answer. As I move through my training and learn what a Human Body is capable of and how the Universe is sitting in the palm of your hand waiting for you to engage it. I have questioned for what I am being trained for. I have pondered and talked to Josie many times about this. Never have I asked my teachers why I am doing what I do, because each task that we have taken answered the same question of why. It is important that I find my own answers as I travel through this space and time. This is another one of my lessons to learn.

The One and The Other was Finished as One on May 8 2015. This is an amazing story with the outcome unknown until 5/8/15. Pen to paper to finish is all that’s needed..soon to come..5/8/15..thank you for all the love I receive as you pay attention toward my truths.

Another Story

August 12th 2014

My preparation for my change in life started in the beginning of august. Michael started talking to me more on a daily basics. We still interacted in a strict farther son dialog and I had a hard time adjusting to the hard love approach that I felt I was engaged in. So I told Arch Angel Michael how I felt and how I needed a loving father who holds me more than scolds me. Later that afternoon in the 2nd week of august Michael talked to me as a loving father and held me. I was energized from the exhausting ordeal of the fire that almost took our house a week earlier. Michael gives me what I need for this earthly body, his love has always blessed me in all phases of my life. The best choices for me weren’t always the easiest path for me to follow, but the necessary ones that in needed to take. I had the father I needed to move forward in my next part of my evolution. 8/12/14 I received The Melchizedek 6th dimensional tune up. I had been asked for weeks prior to today if I was ready to go forward. Forward into change. Change of myself.

August 11th 2014

Rachel needed a large amount of love today. Friday I sent her a large amount of healing energy. Golden healing energy, just in time evidently, she must have been entering into one of her bad times. Today she seems well. Just in need of Love energy to help her move through her healing. The love healing energy is ultimately my doorway into the 6th dimensional arena. So as I continue to infuse Rachel with my Melchizedek energy so that her vibratory rate is kept stable enough to hold her higher self that I helped bring down into her earthly body to promote her healing. This turns out not to be a spontaneous healing but more of a self-healing process.

August 17TH 2014

Angel decided today to start using holographic imagining for diagnosing cases in junction with her lab. This is a model for etheric intuitive healing.

When I checked on Racheal today the light bands that I placed in her etheric field a year ago has changed from 3 vertically aligned light bars to one whispy light block, the same size in width and height as the original 3 separate blocks,that was dissipating into her aura

August 28th 2014

During a very important opening of my heart today I sent Rachel a vast amount of 6th dimensional energy. Yesterday Racheal was at Spring Shores when I arrived at work. She looked buffed, this is the first time I have seen muscle mass on her frame in two years. The work a year ago is starting to work as intended. I think the Natural healing pills and the chemical treatments Racheal used by her doctors slow this process way down. Josie was told by her Guides that we had to wait until Racheal was ready before I could heal her, which meant when she was done destroying her body. Between the doctor treatments and her very limited protein diet, her body was dying. Her Emotional Body moved to her outer most Aura to protect itself. Our healing session at the end of last month returned her missing parts fully back into her physical self. The 4 cell process that was unique to Racheal, they turned from cells after several days into 3 light bars above her head, to a misty white light energy like fog that has worked it’s way into through her Aura into her Physical Body coming in through the first Chakra and down into her Human body. The effect is quite noticeable on her physical muscle mass. The last day or so, Racheal and her husband Steve has been woodcutting. Prior to our last session Racheal had a continual brain fog as she described it. She shows no signs of this fog today. Also the extraneous activity from woodcutting would have debilitated her not made her stronger. Once more I am filled with love in my heart for this opportunity to partake in the Healing of Racheal and will always be grateful for this blessing.

June 3rd 2014 I placed 4 perfect cells into Racheals etheric field on her 3rd eye, throat chakra, solar plexus and perineum. They turned into 3 light bars right above her head inside her aura to facilitate healing. On 7/26/14 when received the healing session from my guides to move forward with Case #3 again, I checked on Racheals etheric field, the three bars of light had morphed into one wispy block slighty bigger in size as the original three as it moved into her physical body. 8/18/14: after I gave Racheal several weeks to let the healing session from 7/25/2014 integrate and settle into her Physical body, I viewed her etheric body and the 4 perfect cells that absorbed into Racheals physical body was now a glowing light surrounding her third eye produced from the physical cells in her body that are now starting to hold light, finally once again, now that Racheals emotional bodies and bits of her ethric self have been gathered and returned to her as she continues to heal.

Talked to Racheal today. Her gall bladder test results from her city doctor came back with no observable problems. She feels that she has a little flu bug that’s has her down and unable to wok today. I think that there is more to I than that. The detoxing and anti bacterial programs she undertook this last year has taken its toll on her body. She has back off all the posion she was told to take to manage the Lyme disease and recently stopped the Herbal medications. Her body needs to heal. Racheal informed me that her mental state of awareness has not been better in a long time. Before our healing session, she had been in a brain fog for a long time and even during the session, this lack of brain communication was apparent. Racheal reported today that she did not have her prior mental clarity issues, I am so happy for her today. We are going to start Steve and Racheal on Intention Building Skills with creating their own reality program, Racheal focusing on her perfect self and Steve focusing on his heart’s desire to move forward in life.


Mission August 2017: a journey into earth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOX6k5XosiQ?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]


I have been called to Mt Shasta next summer in some sort of Meeting or diplomacy type of function. Probably I will receive some clear instructions and tools about the upper and lower Earth’s merging as a Total Planet Alliance. I am hoping at this point physical interactions are on the schedule. Either way I will be ready and available on site. This is occurring during one of the biggest plasma field bomb explosions on record. It just entered into our Sun and into the Earth’s Magnetic Field on 12/28/16 that will reach its peak during this call in August of 2017. I am assuming the timing has to do with the energetic influx that will help align the energy fields within the planet.


I am excited with the possibilities of many people of different talents ascending upon Mt Shasta during this time or from your current locality. I will have my Heart open to connections on a personal scale as I move forward on my Path. This is a Vortex opening up Permanently, it could be described as The Veil Lifting right before the big Event or Movement in Dimensionality. It is a  Opening between the 3rd and 5th dimensional awareness. A major clearing opening up the potentiality of The Event. Ushering in of the Event.


The post will change often in progress

1/6/17: Cheria had a Heart to Heart talk with me today. I was told too start behaving like an Adult of my time line. Dont assume an air of easiness because Mother Mary is Seeing me Home. Cheria reminds me that she See,s as I Do. That she is looking from a higher vibrational perspective and is closely connect to me right now.  Sounded like my Higher Selves point of view. I suppose they have the same seating arrangement with me. Ironic and funny that I feel like I am Being Babysitted. So it is Time to ween off the Emotional 3D energy. And Buckle Up Like Evan tells me.

Later this afternoon I was notified that “Contracts and Means of Completion have opened the Roadway To Our Journey” during a late afternoon vibrational increase, which come sooner and stronger now. I have an August date but I feel that I could Move soon.