Cheria and Mom~ my 6th Dimensional Life Path

1/6/17: Cheria had a Heart to Heart talk with me today. I was told too start behaving like an Adult of my time line. Dont assume an air of easiness because Mother Mary is Seeing me Home. Cheria reminds me that she See,s as I Do. That she is looking from a higher vibrational perspective and is closely connect to me right now.  Sounded like my Higher Selves point of view. I suppose they have the same seating arrangement with me. Ironic and funny that I feel like I am Being Babysitted. So it is Time to ween off the Emotional 3D energy. And Buckle Up Like Evan tells me.

Later this afternoon I was notified that “Contracts and Means of Completion have opened the Roadway To Our Journey” during a late afternoon vibrational increase, which come sooner and stronger now. I have an August date but I feel that I could Move soon.