Angel Beer Cougar Creek Energetic Center


We are open to Individualistic Creations from within You. We unlimit your possibilities in creating your own Reality. Listed are Our Main Subjects

Vibrational Attunements
Energetic Cord Maintenance
Opening up the Chakra System
Clearing the Spinal Passageways

Advanced 4 Cell Process 

My unique 4 Cell Process streamlines your Integration Process and eliminates the 8 cell technique

 I use a Blueprinted cell from your Pineal Gland and Spin your Cells into Perfection.

Mind Office

 Interactive Senses in Communication.

CCEC Services.

Sessions Are a $35 Flat Rate. Time allotment varies for Individual Sessions.

All energetic Heart Field interactions are shaped and formed to Individualistic needs.


Daily Maintenance:

Running your Energy. This needs to addressed first to recharge your Chakra System. Once in place it runs Automatically.

Body Maintenance: Photonic Light Attunements.


Self Creating Reality: ProAcTiviA Minds Offices

Tantric and Kundalini (exterior)  Energy Passageways

Merkaba Activations

Are Specialized Individual Workshops dependent on Emotional Clearing and Chakra Systems fully functioning.

24 Hr Support is Available

 span over several weeks depending on Your Time in Time. We will take the Time for You.

Please contact for any Request or Needs. I work in Service for Others and  Pay it Forward as needed.

Supporting Ones Sovereign Right to Free Will 

We Stand with You

In Your Right as a Sovereign Being

Express Your Free Will as a Sovereign Individual

Releasing: Negative Entities, Encounters, Dimensional Occurrences and Unwanted Attachments.

This service is available thru screening and acceptance with my Guides.