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We have built a Loving Environment, off grid and away from today’s distractions.



Sewer: we have finished the permits and passed the perk tests on 2 sites as required. Have started funding of the parts and pieces for installation. We start digging the Sewer Lines early spring 2017.

Water : At this time the creek is the sole water source.

A Well will be a project through Faith in Funding.

  1. Building a Space for Energy


Building Permit

We have to have verified water before we can purchase a Building Permit.Either a spring or well. The well is our best option.

We have a building blueprint ready with a material list once a permit is acquired.

  1. Titles and Property

Proper paper work for private and nonprofit functions.


Septic System parts and pieces $2500

Digging the site during spring breakup and we will purchase and install parts as we can.

Creek Generator: to supplement our solar panels toward eliminating gasoline consumption. We have the proper Controller already which is 25% of total cost need $1500 to $2000 for a low head creek diversion.

Well for Water: Cost $16,000.

There is new legislation in WA State for impact studies on private wells. This would be cost prohibiting so we are trying to get the well finished before it is mandated.


Are available if requested. Statements by Angel Beer will be posted as necessary.

At this point The Annual Budget to run our 15 Acres is currently at 14,000 dollars with 10,000 annually going toward purchase and maintenance. With food and supplies coming out of the rest of the Budget. We have a very Lean footprint Financially and Physically.

This budget will run out in 5 years.

Our Goal to have Housing on site and to become completely self-sufficient by that time. Thru farming and holistic services.

It has taken 6 yrs to clear the raw land and to add building amendments. We have basic needs met at this time. Not bad for a Husband and Wife work force. We have been Blessed with outside help with Driveways and Solar Power. Much Gratitude Toward Them. Much Love.


I have worked with several locals in solving their issues and more worldwide. These will be posted shortly as allowed by each individual and in Anonymity. There will be a Testimonial Page for outside comments.


There are many technologies coming out. We are ready to introduce and teach them as they become available.

Gary & Angel Beer


We live on a High Energy Center located on a mini vortex that is tied into the West Fork of Cougar Creek.
The mountain is Granite with crystalline Quartz and elements of silver and gold. It sits between the 2 biggest gold mines in the state still operating and they are considered to be tied together through the gold veins  throughout the ground.
The ground work was started 6 years ago with opening up of the portal and the cleansing of negative energies.
The Layering of a Rainbow above the land. Where sound and color meet mass. Grounded deep into the Earth, with a multiple Layering of Colored Light. Using my Personal Energetic Signal or PES.

Come check out my Ongoing Adventures which is a live updated book I am writing.

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Gary Beer CCEC
Gary Beer
Cougar Creek Energetic Center