A Dark Night is reconciliation with your Ego

A Dark Night is reconciliation with your Ego. Releasing emotional density ingrained into your physical body on a cellular level. So that all emotions can be processed through the Heart. It is the Death of Mind and Birth of Heart. A 5D alignment necessary in moving into the New World Dynamics.
Without this ‘release the dark night of the souls’ your Crystalline Body cannot be fully activated. How each goes through this timeline change depends on how centered you are in your Heart and the amount of wrong conclusions you carry… accepted or not.
This is Joining Your Shadow… my scariest hardest moment in my life.. I had deep ingrained ideals that had to be let go…I fought myself’s shadow in battle of fear….. as I was losing terrible and being overcome losing all sense of reality and direction I went into my Heart…….. I LOVED Him truly in that one moment of Clarity and brought him back home out of duality …into me…us…. as One

Mother Mary took me to the center of my heart and back in our first journey as I became Gary Beer. My I AM.

As we move to higher and higher frequencies, all that is within us that can not last in the higher frequencies must go, this includes the death/dying timeline. I want…

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