Broken pig bones healed using tiny bubbles & ultrasound © Science Magazine / YouTube A team of scientists has successfully repaired the broken bones of lab animals without invasive surgery, by using microbubbles and ultrasound to stimulate the growth of stem cells. In a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday, Maxim Bez and a team of Cedars Sinai-led scientists were … Read more

Schumann Resonance, Advanced Science — Psychophysical Regulation and Psi | Gaining Clarity on a Misunderstood Topic

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Iona Miller wrote the following extensive research paper discussing the infamous Schumann Resonance. While it might be challenging to review this kind information, I highly recommend doing so because it will provide the essential first-hand knowledge needed to understand the energetic nature of existence. There is one thread to this … Read more

Timelines of Ascention

Sandra Walter – Our Light level took a jump this week as the May shift began. Gateway passages and unified Grid focus are consistent now, however unified focus during May 9 -11, and the very amplified passage of May 19-21 is requested. Creative energies return to us now, purified, renewed and ready to manifest the New. … Read more

What is a pyramid? How does it work?

large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies.
With regular use, the pyramids help create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.    What is a pyramid? How does it work? Pyramid energy properly defined is: … Read more

Part of our lot as human beings on planet earth is dominion over the plant and animal kingdoms, and as a by-product of our economic and cultural heritage, we have largely become indifferent to the suffering of animals. An indicator of the cruelest aspects of our nature. This systemic disrespect for nature and her creatures … Read more

The Cannabis Frequency

APRIL 25, 2017 The Cannabis Frequency The Cannabis flower is a special one for many reasons. Not only for the relaxed, joyful, euphoric and creative sensations it brings, but for how it specifically expands our consciousness. When the user (i.e. receiver) is tuned into the cannabis frequency, that is, tuned into the plant’s intention aligned … Read more